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Tag: september12

Apple announces media event for Sept. 12

Apple is sending out invitations for a media event to take place in eight days, The Loop reports. It will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10 AM PT. This is expected to be the long-awaited release of the next-generation iPhone (which the invitation indicates could be labeled ...

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It's Showtime now available for viewing

The page was up earlier, but now it is actually working (I'm watching it as I type this). Go forth and watch his Steveness strut on the stage in a black button up shirt (what happened to the turtle neck, Steve?). ...

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Live "It's Showtime" coverage

That's right, we will be providing "live" coverage of the Apple "It's Showtime" event...sorta. None of the TUAW team is actually at the event, but we'll be using our quick refresh skillz and super-typing-speed to relay you the information from sources like MacRumors, iLounge, and our buddies at Enga...

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TUAW Chatcast for It's Showtime special event

Here we go boys and girls with another TUAW chatcast for today's It's Showtime event. We'll be updating this post with a word-for-word transcript of our chatroom so you can peer into the minds of the TUAW bloggers in real time! Read on for the transcript, and we'll update it as quickly as we can. Be...

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Watch today's It's Showtime event live

Wow, it's been a while since Apple has offered a live stream of an event, or even a video or streaming link prior to the event itself. Nevertheless, here it is: Apple's official It's Showtime event page, which looks like it will offer a 'video-on-demand' of the event, though the word 'live' isn't e...

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The Apple Store is down

Ah, the delicate dance that is the few hours before a Stevenote. Apple's web elves are not only busy updating the iTunes Store, it would seem that are updating Apple's online store as well (and not just in the US, we have reports that the Apple store in several countries). This just builds the exci...

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iTunes to be rebranded as "Showtime?"

There might be more to the iTunes store being down than we originally thought. A little bird sent us a tip that belies the possibility that the 'Showtime' buzzword Apple's been using to promote their special event today could be the actual new name of the iTunes/Music/Movie Store and software. This ...

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Movie links appear on German QuickTime page

The evidence continues to mount. Several eagle-eyed readers have spotted the images and links depicted at right on the Quicktime page of Apple's website for Germany. Of course, the links aren't working for me right now (clicking them just brings up the "It's Showtime" message), but they do begin wit...

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The "iTunes Store" is down

As of approximately 8:30 AM Eastern in the US, the "iTunes Store" (note that the word "music" has been omitted) is unavailable. Like many of you, I got the message pictured at right when I went from the main page to the TV Shows page and back again. Is anyone outside the US experiencing the same out...

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iPhone revealed finally?

A number of you have sent in this tip which points to an article in the French newspaper, iGeneration. A rough translation of the French text follows (French speakers: Feel free to "clean up" our translation!): "This morning, anyone with the current edition of '20 minute day' [which appears to be a ...

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Apple's agenda for the media event?

Ok, it's time for some last-minute rumor mongering. A little birdie just flew into TUAW headquarters (a little birdie who wishes to remain anonymous) and told us the following. Remember, this is all rumor, folks, but it sounds like it could be legit to us. Here we go. "...Let's just say I have been ...

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TUAW "It's Showtime!" predictions

It's that time ladies and gentlemen: the pre-event post where the TUAW team put it all on the line and offer up their predictions on what we'll be throwing down our credit cards for after tomorrow's It's Showtime special event. In all actuality, there isn't much on the line for us, but it's still fu...

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Will we see iTunes 7 tomorrow?

The rumors are swirling, as they always do before his Steveness mounts a stage. Tomorrow, in case you aren't completely Apple obsessed, Apple is hosting a special event titled "Showtime" in San Francisco. The media has been invited, the rumormills are churning, and the Apple faithful are in a tizzy....

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Banner for September 12th event?

Here's the latest pic that is making the rounds in relation to the September 12th announcement. It purports to be a picture snapped by one of the employees at the venue that will house the announcement. I'm not buying it, but you know what they say, 'Don't shoot the messenger.' Thanks to everyone ...

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Recent Apple patents for phone, PDA, new cube?

Here we go with the Apple patent game again, and this time around it looks like we have blasts from the past and the future. Engadget first tracked down a patent filed by Apple yesterday (pictured right) for "A cubical computer housing assembly comprises first and second ends and four sides, which d...

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