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Gear4's Pocket Loops keyboard creates music with your iPhone or iPod touch

Gear4, maker of the Unity Remote we saw at CES last week, also designed the Pocket Loops keyboard, which represents something I think we'll see a lot more of: devices designed to work only when paired with a smartphone or tablet device. iPhones and iPads are leading the way into a new era of mobile...

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EasyMix is DJ sequencing for the lazy. That's a good thing.

The relatively recent boom in touch-enabled, portable devices has been a godsend for professional and amateur DJs. Well, some purist DJs may stick their noses up at the newfangled touchy-feely technology, but there's no denying that having a halfway decent beat sequencer in one's pocket is a lot mo...

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First Look: BtBx

Here's BtBx, for the iPhone and iPod touch. I think you pronounce it "beatbox". And it's lovely. There's so much potential for music apps on the iPhone and I'm one of the people who's very keen to try them out. BeatMaker is top of the tree in the App Store right now, but there's a lot about BtBx ...

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