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Daily iPhone App: Warhammer Quest combines Rodeo Games' talent with the Warhammer setting

Warhammer Quest was originally announced way back in August last year, and now it's finally arrived on the iOS App Store, for a price of US$4.99. The game is indeed based on the old board game (set in the great and goofy British Warhammer universe), but it's also made by Rodeo Games, most famous...

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Daily iPad App: Drawn: Trail of Shadows is a simple, beautiful puzzle game

The Drawn series is hard to describe, really -- I've mentioned one of them here before, but I don't know if I quite gave the series a good description. Fortunately, if reading this post doesn't work, I've included a video of me playing the game down below, so you can take a closer look at just ...

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Comixology debuts Submit program, picking up indie comics for their app

Comixology runs the biggest dedicated comic book app on iOS (appropriately called Comics), and today it announced a new program designed to make its comic book marketplace even bigger. Comixology Submit, still in closed beta, will allow independent comic book creators and artists to sell their ...

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Daily iPhone App: Starbase Orion

iOS doesn't really have much in the way of original 4X (so called due to the second letter in the "explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate" gameplay) games. Yes, Civ Revolution is on the platform, but that's not original (and to be honest, it's not the best port). Ascendancy is a quality game...

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First-Person Final Cut Pro X, Day Five: Trimming and Closing Thoughts

First-Person Final Cut Pro X is the unvarnished story of one pro editor's week-long introduction to the new Final Cut. Part 5 is the final installment. So today I had to go back to a multicamera FCP 7 project and, truthfully, it was quite a relief. I realized that part of that relief was the f...

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Shiny new stuff coming to TUAW in 2009

The Macintosh turned 25 last week, but we'll be celebrating all year long. Keep checking back each month for Apple history, giveaways, new features and stories about our Apple gear and what we do with it. We may even have a few pleasant surprises this year... Coming this February: Giveaways to ta...

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Engadget begins iPhone litigation crash course series: part 1 - trademarks

The litigation biz is a messy and complex one, which is why I'm thankful Engadget has rounded up law student members from the Columbia Science & Technology Law Review for a primer series covering the ins and outs of the potentially ensuing Apple/Cisco litigation. This first part covers trademark...

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Announcing the new TUAW Desktops Flickr group and series

Fire up your screen capture software and keyboard shortcuts TUAW readers, as we are announcing a new Flickr group and post series titled simply: TUAW Desktops. That's right ladies and gentlemen, in addition to immortalizing you in our archives with the Rig of the Day series, we want to dive a littl...

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