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OS X Server for Mavericks now showing up in Mac App Store

There was a time when installing and configuring Mac OS Server or OS X Server was no modest undertaking; it was an entirely different operating system build, requiring a reinstall or upgrade to get at the yummy workgroup nougat center of Apple's desktop system. Those days, thankfully, are gone: O...

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Kanex meDrive: A pocket-sized file server for iOS and OS X

Imagine having a way to access shared files from your Mac, PC, or iOS devices without needing to tie up a computer to act as a file server. That's the idea behind the Kanex meDrive (US$79), a tiny box that connects to your Wi-Fi router and any USB flash or hard drive, and then works with a free co...

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Game updates today: The Blockheads, Heroes of Order and Chaos, and Borderlands 2 on Mac

There are a number of big game updates today on both Mac and iOS that are worth picking up if you happen to have the apps installed. First up, the excellent The Blockheads has a big multiplayer update coming, which will allow players to host multiplayer worlds with up to 32 people (which means 1...

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Ngmoco shutting down some titles March 31

Ngmoco announced on its website earlier this week that some of the game maker's biggest iOS titles, including We Rule, Godfinger and Touch Pets Dogs 2, are going to be shut down for good on March 31. The games will be off of Apple's App Store later this week on February 1, so no new users will ...

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New Mac mini tear down and benchmarks from Mac Mini Vault

The Mac Mini Vault has already grabbed a new Mac mini and taken it apart. You can read through the site's teardown and analysis right now. The short version is that much of the mini's design is the same. As you can see above, with the new version on the left and the 2011 version on the right. B...

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Some fun uses for a remote Mac Mini server

MacStadium does remote Mac mini hosting, offering customers a fully connected Mac mini in a secure, controlled datacenter (just like the folks at MacMiniColo, who we've visited and written about before). If you have a Mac mini already, you can even send it to them for hosting, or you can rent o...

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OS X Server 2.1.1 available with DHCP service, Profile Manager supports iOS 6

Those running OS X Server, take note. Apple has issued version 2.1.1 with a few nice changes. First, you can now manage the DHCP service from within the Server application. Also, Profile Manager now has support for iOS 6 devices and you can now use the Server application to create a large number o...

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DeepWorld is a 2D Minecraft-alike coming to Mac and iOS

If you threw a bunch of gaming catchwords in a hat and then pulled them out one by one and put them in order, you might have an approximate description for the upcoming Deepworld. It's a 2D, steampunk, post-apocalyptic sandbox MMO, with Minecraft-style creation, and block graphics that open up to ...

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OS X Lion bug may affect Windows file sharing

A bug has been discovered in OS X Lion Server that appears when a user tries to share a file with extended attributes with a Windows XP or Windows 7 system. The bug was first discovered by Steve Maser, a senior systems administrator at the University of Michigan's Office of Technology Transfer....

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OS X Lion Server: Making servers accessible to all

One of the amazing things about the Lion announcement a few months ago was OS X Lion Server, which Apple said would be available for $49.99. That's the lowest cost for any version of Mac OS X Server by a wide margin, and a price point that might make some people think twice about whether they'd b...

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Apple servers hacked by Anonymous

According to Anonymous' twitter account, the hacking group used a SQL injection exploit to pull down the usernames and passwords of several accounts from an Apple-run server ( The passwords appear encrypted so there is little threat that others can abuse this account information....

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Lion to allow two virtualized instances of Mac OS X per machine

The virtualization story for Mac OS X is about to change dramatically, and for the better, as Lion's licensing changes the rules for virtual machines. For some enterprise deployments, virtual Mac OS X environments are the Holy Grail: giving access to Mac-only applications on demand without havi...

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Low Mac Pro, Mac mini server supplies suggest pending refresh

Supplies of Apple's Mac Pro and Mac mini server lines are reportedly constrained, indicating a refresh is likely in the near future. According to 9to5 Mac, a source indicates these two product lines should see updates within the next month or so. 9to5 Mac doesn't give any info on the current su...

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Lion Server to be a $50 download from Mac App Store

In the past, if you wanted to set up a Mac OS X-based server, you bought a separate DVD with an expensive license. In the case of Snow Leopard Server, that license was $499 for an unlimited number of users. Now, it appears that Lion Server is going to be a $49.99 set of apps that you'll purchas...

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How to: Share iCal calendars without MobileMe

This how-to over at will help you share your iCal calendar around even if you don't have a subscription to Apple's online MobileMe service (a very forgivable offense, especially since its expected replacement iCloud service is now just a week away). Unfortunately, the writeup is a litt...

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