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PayPal introducing new iOS SDK, APIs at SXSW

PayPal has announced that it's bringing a new iOS SDK and some new API tools to SXSW next week. As you might expect, the API will allow apps to use PayPal's tools to integrate payment information directly rather than having to go through a separate authorization page. As you can see on the offi...

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Tips for Troubleshooting Automator Workflows

Automator's great for streamlining time consuming and repetitive tasks on your Mac. It's easy. Just launch it, find a few actions, and string them together to form a workflow. Then, run your workflow anytime you want to perform that series of tasks again. What happens if your workflow doesn't ru...

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Need for Speed's Autolog app available now

EA and Activision both have been making a push lately for add-on iOS apps for their biggest console properties: Activision's been pushing a Call of Duty Elite app, and EA's got one related to Medal of Honor Warfare as well. And here comes EA again with another app dedicated to a big console fra...

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Apple needs to learn how the Internet works before iCloud evaporates

Last week a former Apple employee posted a scathing breakdown of Apple's cluelessness in cloud services. The article notes that Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is learning to grok cloud services. Let's see, we've gone through iTools (yes, I'm ignoring eWorld), dot mac (th...

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Gree closing down OpenFeint on December 14

I believe we've now reached the end of iOS' first generation as a platform -- it's almost every week now that we're hearing about a major startup losing a founder or a big franchise shutting down. This time it's OpenFeint, the social gaming platform started up way back by Jason Citron and Danie...

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Box makes a deal to add more global servers

I find it a little hard to believe that until now, Box (formerly didn't have any servers running outside the US. But apparently that was the case, as the company has just made a deal with Equinix to host six data centers around the world, including places such as Amsterdam, Sydney and ...

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Spotify lifts track limits on free accounts, struggles to stand out in streaming market

Good news for European fans of the streaming music service Spotify: The company has lifted the five-track replay limit per day for users of the free service in Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and Spain. Additionally, US users will get their current six-month free trial extended, but it...

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Warner Music reporting more stable sales, propped up by iTunes and streaming services

There's finally some good news in the music business, but don't get too excited, it's not that good. Warner Music reports (before we hear about the full industry sales from 2011) that its sales were steady last year, at $780 million. In this case, steady is better than a drop, which is what most o...

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Pocket Informant planning public beta for cloud service

The team from Pocket Informant is at Macworld|iWorld this week to show off the app and announce a new cloud-based service that will share information across all of the company's mobile apps and new web interface. Pocket Informant is a GTD/calendar/tasks app that combines all sorts of functionality...

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Don't hold your breath for an Apple video streaming service

Flickr image by tpholland I'm pretty convinced every time an analyst opens his or her mouth about Apple and we post it, a kitten is eaten by a bear somewhere*. This week's "Wacky Analyst Random Rumormongering" comes from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek who claims that Apple is about to launch "...

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Feral Interactive offers digital downloads on multiple online stores

Here's a cool note I missed last week among the hustle and bustle of CES: Feral Interactive is one of the biggest publishers of Mac games out there, often porting and publishing games from larger PC developers over to the Mac platform. Last week, the company announced that four games it has publish...

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How the iPhone has influnced Intamac's connected home services

Intamac was probably one of the least consumer-facing appointments we had at last week's CES conference in Las Vegas -- the company develops and supports home monitoring systems, mostly for other businesses (security companies and telecommunications companies) rather than actual consumers. But it w...

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$1,000 bar exam prep BarMax app now available on iPad

BarMax, the US$1000 iPhone app to help law students pass the bar exam, has made its way to the iPad. The California edition of the popular bar exam prep software is now available on the App Store. BarMax for the iPad is designed to take advantage of the larger screen real estate of the iPad by offe...

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Lawsuit over app privacy targets Apple and developers

Apple and several mobile developers are facing two separate lawsuits over the collection and unauthorized sharing of private user data with third-party advertising networks, according to iLounge. The first lawsuit, Freeman vs. Apple, was filed in a northern California federal court and targets appli...

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Yelp's iOS app goes universal

I have to say, I really like the Yelp app on my iPhone. Of course, I'm in LA where there are plenty of full listings for all kinds of things; I can see how Yelp might not be quite as useful in a less populated area. But when I need to find a new restaurant or where a certain retail place is, I've f...

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