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And you thought the iPad was sexy: Victoria's Secret comes to your touchscreen

Victoria's Secret launched an iPad app a few days ago, and it's already climbed to the #4 in the #1 spot on the Top Free iPad Apps chart. The app is part catalog, part video and photo diary of what it's like to spend time with some of the hottest women on the planet as they march around in linge...

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You've come a long way, Jonathan Ive

It's gotta be tough for a guy who designs the sexiest devices on the planet. No, not the million-dollar paycheck or the international fame and fortune. When you're one of the world's top designers, you must make sure your image portrays cool and sexy. If you're a built guy with a shaved head and an...

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Apple banning sexual content in the App Store?

Jon Atherton, the developer behind Wobble iBoobs, has just told TechCrunch that he received an email from Apple stating his application was being removed from the App Store because of a new policy change: "We [Apple] have decided to remove any overtly sexual content from the App Store." The full ...

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