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Shadow Era gets a new expansion, a new website, and a new app

These days, the only iOS card game I'm playing with any regularity is SolForge -- I wish there was a little more to it, but the mechanics are very well-constructed. Shadow Era, one of the first collectible card games on the App Store, is still kicking around, however, and has gotten bigger than...

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Shadow Era physical cards now being shipped to retail stores

Shadow Era is an iOS app that came out a long time ago -- it successfully combines a collectible card game (fairly similar to the World of Warcraft card game, if you've ever played that one) with a freemium business model, a plan that has worked out very well for developer Kyle Pool. So well, i...

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Shadow Era getting physical cards to go with iOS game

I am a big fan of Shadow Era, a really solid World of Warcraft-style virtual collectible card game for iOS. It's been out for a little while, and with a few excellent updates and expansion packs released, there's a lot of game here to be had, starting at the low price of free. Now there's news ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Shadow Era

For the right player, Shadow Era is a really impressive game. I say "for the right player," because it's not exactly newbie friendly -- this is a full-fledged collectible card game, implemented right there on the iPhone and the iPad. For some players, that's probably music to your ears -- if yo...

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