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Tim Cook tells shareholders: Apple will not put pure profit over sustainability efforts

During Apple's annual shareholder meeting yesterday, a representative from The National Center for Public Policy Research -- a conservative think tank -- got up and sought an assurance from Tim Cook that Apple's sustainability efforts would only be pursued if deemed to be profitable. Bryan Chaffi...

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Apple files Preliminary Proxy Statement with SEC, urges shareholders to oppose Carl Icahn's share buyback proposal

Apple on Friday posted its Preliminary Proxy Statement with the SEC. The statement provides notice that Apple's annual shareholders meeting is scheduled to take place in 2014 on Friday, February 28. The meeting will see shareholders consider five proposals, one of which is activist investor Carl Ic...

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David Einhorn drops his lawsuit against Apple

Greenlight Capital hedge fund manager David Einhorn has decided to end what Apple CEO Tim Cook has referred to as a "silly sideshow" by dropping the lawsuit he'd brought against 1 Infinite Loop in early February. Filed in conjunction with other Apple shareholders, the lawsuit sought to force Appl...

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From the Apple shareholders' meeting: Approvals, 'new categories' and another campus delay

The Apple shareholders' meeting was held in Cupertino earlier today, and CNBC has a full liveblog of all of the proceedings. There wasn't a lot of hard news out of the meeting, as most of it was taken up with bureaucratic goings-on, including the approval of a certain accounting firm, a few vot...

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Apple cancels shareholder vote after judge sides with Greenlight's Einhorn

Greenlight Capital hedge fund manager David Einhorn has scored a legal victory against Apple in the lawsuit he and shareholders filed against 1 Infinite Loop earlier this month. Reuters is reporting that US District Judge Richard Sullivan has sided with Einhorn and ordered Apple to postpone votin...

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Judge believes Greenlight Capital has a strong case against Apple

Earlier this month, David Einhorn of hedge fund Greenlight Capital and Apple shareholders brought a lawsuit against Apple seeking to force the company to share more of its massive cash reserves with shareholders, and claiming that it had violated SEC rules in a proposed amendent to its corporate ...

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WSJ: Apple will respond to Greenlight Capital lawsuit by Wednesday

The pace is picking up in the lawsuit filed against Apple by Greenlight Capital fund manager David Einhorn. The Wall Street Journal reports that 1 Infinite Loop will issue its response to the suit by this Wednesday, February 13, with Greenlight expected to follow up with its comments by Friday in...

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Fund manager David Einhorn sues Apple, wants cash to go back to shareholders

David Einhorn is a fund manager at Greenlight Capital, and he's leading the charge with a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the company hasn't done enough to make sure its shareholders receive the benefits of their success. Apple's been making plenty of money lately, of course, but Einhorn's...

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Protesters aimed to deliver new letter to Apple during shareholders meeting

Protestors delivered letters to Apple Stores around the world asking Apple to re-examine its use of Foxconn production factories overseas. Apple decided (relatedly or otherwise) to step up its inspections of those factories, so you probably won't be surprised to hear that protestors planned to do ...

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Dell speaks out on infamous Apple quote

Dell CEO Michael Dell spoke at the Web 2.0 Summit, and he discussed his infamous quote regarding Apple. Back in 1997, Dell famously said that if he were put in charge of Apple, "I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders." Nowadays, given all of Apple's success, it's easy to l...

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AAPL's top owners have cashed in some stock recently

Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog has an interesting tidbit about Apple's stock lately. A blogger who calls himself Sammy the Walrus IV has been poking around into AAPL records, and has found out that several of Apple's top shareholders have sold some of the stock recently. There's nothing shocking he...

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Ron Sugar wins board member popularity contest

OK, weekend pop quiz! Quick, who's the most popular member of the Apple board with shareholders? Head-scratching allowed, coffee may be taken, think hard, no taking peeks at the illustration or headline here...Well, if you answered 'Steve Jobs', you're probably human. And if you're an anonymous fi...

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Minutes from Apple's shareholder meeting

Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog has some unofficial minutes from this week's Apple shareholder meeting -- while press weren't actually allowed inside the event (which featured Apple's board, including Al Gore, Steve Jobs, and new co-lead director Andrea Jung), that didn't stop an anonymous shareholder from...

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Apple shareholders will re-elect board

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that Steve Jobs would not attend Apple's shareholder meeting, scheduled for this week. It would be the first one Steve missed in 10 years. Now, we've learned that the shareholders have decided to re-elect the Apple board. As MacNN points out, I don't think this ...

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Apple shareholders to vote on green

Apple shareholders will vote on removing hazardous chemicals from the Apple product line at the upcoming May 10th annual meeting according to Macworld. Apple's board thinks Apple already has sufficient environmental standards and opposes the resolution, which was introduced by Trillium Asset Managem...

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