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Tag: shareware

Lion Designer customizes Lion's Dashboard, Mission Control and Launchpad backgrounds

If there's anything bad about OS X Lion, it's that it provides many more opportunities for boring backdrops. By default, Mission Control uses the familiar grey linen background with a miniature of your desktop, and with the login screen, you just have the grey linen. Dashboard has that pebbled ...

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MsgFiler 2.0.3: Improvements to an old favorite

Adam Tow's MsgFiler plug-in for has been a favorite of many Mac users since it was first released in 2006. In the succinct words of Mr. Tow: "MsgFiler is a plug-in for Apple Mail which quickly files emails into existing mailbox folders. MsgFiler's fast searching means you just have to type ...

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Easy iWeb Publisher 3.0.3

Although I've written a book about iWeb, I often tell my clients to avoid using it for their websites if they're planning on hosting anywhere but on MobileMe. Why? When you post to MobileMe from iWeb, you "Publish" and your site is uploaded. Minor changes to a site only take a few seconds to uploa...

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PhotoTiles: Make an image of images

Sometimes I see the name of a new piece of software that someone tips us off to, and the name conjures up something completely different from what the reality is. PhotoTiles, for instance, brought to mind the ability to create those cool pictures that are made up of all of your other photos. You kn...

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Enhance Address Book with PostCheck

Here's a very handy plugin for Address Book. PostCheck does two things. First, it fills in missing Zip Codes for when you've only got a contact's city and state. It's super simple. Just right-click on the empty Zip Code field and select PostCheck from the contextual menu. In my testing, it accuratel...

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Quay 1.1b3 offers nice changes

We first wrote about Quay in November. It extends the Leopard dock in a number of very useful ways. For instance, it will pop up on both sides of the dock (Apple only permits this on the right), and even displays software version numbers plus memory and CPU stats on running applications. It's super ...

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Journler's licensing shift means next version is paid-only

When Phillip Dow first introduced Journler, the accessible yet remarkably feature-deep journaling and personal information repository app, he made a distinction between commercial licensing and personal use. Journler users who wanted to make money or do business with the program would pay, and anyon...

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Eliminate iTunes duplicates with AppleScripts

You may find that you've got some duplicate tracks in your iTunes library (especially if you recently moved things to an external drive). You could fix things with iDupe by Wooden Brain (we looked at iDupe a while ago), or the new version of Dupin by Doug's AppleScripts. Dupin lets you find and elim...

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Shades: application color customization

You know those paint color sample strips that you typically see in home improvement stores? They usually have different shades of the same color on individual strips so that you can easily compare and fine-tune your color choices. Shades 1.0 applies this same methodology of color selection to the st...

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Macheist now selling the bundle

As many loyal readers have noted this morning, Macheist is offering an application bundle -- that you previously could have gotten discounts for via invitation and "missions" -- now revealed to the public for full-freight purchase. The package includes several famous (and some infamous) indie Mac ap...

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MacHeist has begun, TUAW has 250 invites to give away

MacHeist, the next software marketing brainchild of Phill Ryu (you might know him from such events as My Dream App), has begun. As you'll remember, it's an invite-only event (though you can try signing up to snag your own), and I have just received the first mission. Due to its top secret nature, my...

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TUAW Exclusive: MacHeist details

From the people who brought you My Dream App comes the next big thing in Mac software. You might have seen other sites talking about MacHeist, but unlike everyone else in our little corner of the internet, we actually know what MacHeist is all about. Here's what we know: The eventual product of...

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Disco beta is out

Disco, the new burning software that's been blazing a name for itself, has entered a more or less public beta. Those who pre-ordered through a MacZOT that was featured not long ago should be receiving ticket numbers with which they can redeem a beta download, otherwise you can email beta [at] discoa...

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MacUpdate copies Woot clone MacZot

I heard somewhere that there are only something like 30 basic movie plots, and all films are just twists and forks of these original few. Some would say that the same is true for e-business, and they would probably be right. has announced a new feature in which a featured piece of soft...

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Foom Software

Chris Forsythe and Evan Schoenberg (Adium Lead and Project Managers) just announced a joint venture in the form of new Mac shareware company Foom Software. I understand their excitement in wanting to announce the new project, but it feels a bit premature to go public at this point considering that F...

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