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Notezilla for iPad syncs sheet music to high-quality audio

Notezilla for iPad is a library of beautifully laid out, classical sheet music which syncs to accompanying, high-quality audio recordings. From Beethoven's Fur Elise to Handel's Messiah, Notezilla comes preloaded with the well-known classical favorites as well as an ever-expanding library of Roman-e...

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Weezic for iPad, an augmented sheet music app for classical musicians

Weezic, an iPad app for classical musicians, is a relatively new sheet music app. In essence, Weezic displays sheet music, but with some interesting pedagogic features to help you learn and grow in your music reading and playing. As is customary with most apps that display sheet music, Weezic...

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Found footage: iPad app turns sheet music pages with the tap of a toe

Ever since the iPad hit the market, my visits to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Opera Colorado, and the Central City Opera have been frustrating. Why? I think about my iPad, and I see a great way to display sheet music. On stage, however, I see the same old paper sheet music that's been preva...

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Count The Beats: Learn to read and play sheet music with Etude on your iPhone

From the creators of ShoveBox, Wonder Wrap Software has just launched their new iPhone / iPod touch app Etude. Etude is a beautifully designed app that helps you learn to read and play sheet music on the piano. While the built-in synthesizer plays through a piece of music, Etude will scroll th...

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