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Shiira 2.2 updated for Safari 3 beta's WebKit

When Apple makes changes to WebKit - the open source rendering engine that powers Safari - like they just did with the Safari 3 beta, many, many other Mac OS X apps that have anything to do with websites need to do a little catchup so things continue to run smoothly. Shiira, the feature-packed al...

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Shiira 2.0 goes official

We've seen the betas for quite some time now, but Shiira v2.0 - the feature-packed open source browser based on the same WebKit that powers Apple's Safari - has gone official. As far as I can tell, the feature list hasn't changed wildly from beta into this full version, but check out some of the s...

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Shiira v2 beta released

Remember that Shiira v2 beta preview that delusions of grandeur had at the end of July? Well instead of simply reading about it, now you can take your own copy for a spin, as a public, localized beta has been released. Shiira, if you haven't been following the coverage as of late, is an open source...

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Shiira 2.0 Preview

Shiira has always been the browser we all have installed, play with when we're bored or need to test site compatibility, but never really use in day-to-day work. Despite the fact that the current version has essentially all the features of Safari, the interface and features always felt a bit unpoli...

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OS X Browser lineup

The Apple Blog has a nice overview of the multitude of web browsers that are available our favorite OS (that's OS X, folks). Why? Because the nice people at TAB want to help you decide which browser is right for you. For my money Camino is the best browser out there for OS X; it has the engine of Fi...

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A collection of all available QuickPicks for Backup 3

Wishingline, a web design studio, has done .Mac members a favor and collected most of the QuickPicks that are available on the web for Apple's Backup 3. There are quite a few QuickPicks out there for everything from ecto to PDF documents, Photo Booth pictures to Shiira bookmarks, OmniOutliner docume...

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Shiira 1.2.1

Shiira 1.2.1 has been released. Shiira is now a Universal application so once you get your hot little hands on a MacBook Pro you can run this favorite alternate web browser of ours. 1.2.1 also adds an 'autocomplete' function that stores your usernames and passwords in OS X's keychain for easy retrie...

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Shiira 1.2 released

Wow, it really is a wonderful life. A new version of Shiira was released today, 1.2, with a ton of great new features. I had all but switched to Shiira a while back, when Firefox was too slow and Safari too annoying. But Shiira began to lag in the features department (particularly RSS support) and I...

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