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iPad online shipping times drop to one week

Apple's inventory of the new iPad is holding up well, especially in the US. Unlike the iPad 2 which faced shortages when it launched, the new iPad is readily available. Most US retail stores have at least one model of the iPad in stock and the online store is steadily improving shipment times. ...

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Apple iPhone edges out BlackBerry in Canada

Apple surpassed RIM as the top mobile phone manufacturer in Canada said Bloomberg on Thursday. Data from IDC and Bloomberg suggests Apple shipped 2.85 million handsets in 2011, while RIM shipped 2.08 million. This is down from 2008 when RIM out shipped Apple almost five to one....

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iPad shipment notifications reportedly going out to customers

Did you pre-order a new iPad this week? If you ordered on the day of the event, you'll be rewarded for persevering through server issues with a shipment notification in your email today. According to reports from Engadget and AppleInsider, Apple is starting to ship iPads using FedEx and UPS. Some ...

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Could Apple retake top spot among portable computer makers in 2012?

It's a difficult question for some analysts to answer. Is the iPad a new class of device or is it a version of an ultra-portable notebook? How you group the iPad makes a huge difference to those professionals trying to assess the impact of the iPad on the notebook computer market. If you grou...

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Track an iPad from Shenzhen to you

There's a fun post at Silicon Alley Insider today that traces an iPad's journey from China to the customer's home. By monitoring Twitter and tracking reports, Nick Saint has assembled an iPad's typical journey to the US. It starts at the infamous Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. That's the "i...

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Don't panic over these iPad delivery exceptions

Lots of TUAW readers have written in today, worried about their iPad deliveries. Since they received shipment notices, many folks have been tracking their progress, and are now seeing messages like: UPS INTERNAL ACTIVITY. SHIPMENT IS HELD TO VERIFY COMMODITY DESCRIPTION WITH THE CUSTOMER FOR CO...

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Widget Watch: Delivery Status 3 now does Growl notifications

Mike Pointek has updated his rockin' Delivery Status widget with Growl notifications, making it pretty much the most feature-packed, well-designed and useful shipping widgets that has ever graced this blogger's Dashboard. In addition to now being able to notify you of changes in your package's st...

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