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New iMac ship times improve to 1-3 days

For those waiting to get one of Apple's new iMacs, we've got some good news. Over the weekend, ship times for both the standard 21.5-inch and 27-inch models improved to one to three business days in both the Canadian and US Apple online stores. That's a far cry from the two- to three-week ship ...

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iOS, Android grab 92% of smartphone shipments

The smartphone market is quickly boiling down into a two-party system, so to speak, with both iOS and Android picking up a whopping 92 percent of smartphone shipments over the last quarter of 2012. In 2011, 32 percent of smartphone shipments consisted of other operating systems, like Windows Ph...

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Building a perfect iPhone return box

TUAW readers are probably familiar with Gazelle. It's a service, started in 2008, with one goal in mind -- to make it simple for people to send in used consumer electronics devices (primarily Apple products) and receive cash in return. CNET has a fun post today about how Gazelle has gone throug...

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New 27-inch iMacs are shipping

MacRumors readers and TUAW editor Steve Sande are reporting shipment notifications for the spiffy new 27-inch iMacs. A quick check reveals credit card charges have gone through (ouch) and the delivery status has been changed to "preparing for shipment." Additionally, the cancellation window has...

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iControlPad 2 reaches Kickstarter goal, shipping later this year

I'll be honest: I thought that US$150,000 as a Kickstarter goal for the iControlPad 2 wireless controller was too high, but it turns out I was completely wrong. Not only was the project funded, but backers have pledged $190k and still counting with a few more hours to go. The impressive respo...

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iPhone 5 ship dates slip to 3-4 weeks

The iPhone 5 is getting very scarce before a single phone has been delivered, and it's likely to get worse before it gets better. According to Electronista, ship times for Apple's latest object of desire have now extended to three to four weeks in the US, Canada and Australia. Apple had been sa...

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Customers report new Retina MacBook Pros are shipping

Apple customers who ordered the new Retina models of the MacBook Pro can start doing their happy dance -- shipping notifications are being sent to those who placed their orders from the online Apple Store on the day of the WWDC keynote on June 11. The delivery dates for the new boxes are sche...

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New iPad's online availability improves

Apple's done a fantastic job meeting demand for the third generation iPad. The company sold three million units in the first launch weekend and still has inventory in stores. As SlashGear noticed, it also narrowed the estimated shipping time from two to three weeks down to one to two weeks. Thi...

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iPhone 4S ship times drop to 3-5 days

Electronista noticed this morning that shipping estimates for the iPhone 4S have dropped to three to five business days for all capacities. This shows that the despite the ongoing rollout of the iPhone 4S in other countries, production has caught up to meet demand. If you've been waiting ...

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How not to buy an iPhone overseas

It kind of seems like I can't catch a break when it comes to iPhone launches. The first iPhone debuted a little over a year before I left the US and moved to New Zealand. I knew the move was coming, so signing (then breaking) a two-year contract with AT&T didn't make sense. I also wasn't pr...

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Your iPhone 4S may have already shipped. Here's how to check

I've been obsessing over the Apple Online Store's "Your Orders" page for the last two days, hoping that my iPhone 4S was on the way. But all I was getting was a "Preparing Shipment" notice, not a UPS or FedEx tracking number. TUAW reader Stephen M. was running into the same dilemma, so he we...

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Can you help provide a 'lost iPad' story with a happy ending?

So Greg from Australia contacted me on the tip line with a rather interesting story. While vacationing in Italy, he stumbled across a lost iPad in his hotel. He soon realized that the iPad belonged to Leisha, an American lady in Colorado. He brought it home to Australia so he could try to work ...

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Customers begin to receive iPhone 4S shipment notices

The excitement surrounding the iPhone 4S continues to build now that pre-order customers are receiving shipping notices. Customers, particularly those on Sprint, are receiving shipping confirmation notices from UPS that their packages are being processed. Most packages are being shipped 2nd day...

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Apple removes shipping times for many online items

Apple's online storefront includes shipping times that give prospective customers an idea of how long they'll have to wait before an item arrives on their front door. Many Apple products no longer have an estimated ship date and are labeled as being "In Stock". The only products with a ship dat...

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Apple begins shipping Thunderbolt displays

The Thunderbolt-compatible displays Apple announced back in July have reportedly started shipping out to stores and retailers. MacRumors reported that the displays shipped this week, and should hit shelves very soon. Electronista has heard that shipping to customers will start up on September 1...

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