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Inside the Apple t-shirt collector world

The Wall Street Journal has a short but interesting piece on the world of Apple t-shirt collecting. There are two types of Apple t-shirts. The first are those shirts that the general public have access to via giveaways at Apple retail stores, such as the t-shirts at an opening of a new Apple St...

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Apple's Shanghai shirt: "Made for China"

We've heard great things already about the brand new Apple Store in Shanghai, but this one's interesting: on the back of employees' t-shirts there (which are red, apparently, rather than the usual black found in North America), Apple has printed "Designed in California, Made for China" in Chinese...

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Unboxing an Apple employee t-shirt

A little while back we posted about the unboxing of an Apple job offer, and now here's another unboxing having to do with becoming an Apple employee -- Mac Rumors has shots up of an unboxing of one of the t-shirt giftboxes recently given to AppleCare call center staff, and once again, even in somet...

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The TUAW tees are here

Delivered this morning by stork: the first run of our TUAW t-shirts! We'll be giving away about a dozen of these next week during WWDC (not all of which we'll give away on Monday night, so look for the prize patrol). And yes, those not attending WWDC will have a shot at winning a t-shirt later this ...

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