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Fruit Ninja shirts appearing at Hot Topic

Halfbrick Studios' iOS game Fruit Ninja continues to grow -- the Australian company announced that it has inked a deal to sell Fruit Ninja-flavored apparel in Hot Topic (the clothing store at the mall that's about as tacky as it gets). The deal was put together with licensing agent HAP Consul...

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Apple t-shirt: Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Quality shirts for Apple fans can sometimes be hard to find on the web. Call me crazy, but the standard-issue black "GEEK" shirts don't quite cut it for me; I hate black as a shirt color because it gets way too hot in the summer, and these kinds of designs are typically bland and uninteresting. I...

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Two shirts for the Mac geek in your life

There is one thing about geeks of all stripes, they like t-shirts. I should know, since I'm a geek myself! Two t-shirts that caught my eye recently would make fun gifts for the Mac geek in your life. Our friends at MacMerc whipped up this 'Worst. Keynote. Ever!' shirt that is sure to put a smile on...

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MacMerc.com intros new shirts

I know, I know. This isn't hard news, but this Jesus Saves shirt from MacMerc is too funny not to share. How can you put a price on humor? Well, MacMerc.com can, so this shirt will run you $16.90. They also introduced an Apple Innovates, Microsoft Imitates shirt which is clever. Go support MacMerc, ...

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Widget Watch: destroy your productivity with the Threadless Vote widget

I have to admit: I'm a nut for Threadless. The t-shirt design submissions that actually go to print after voting can certainly be hit or miss sometimes, but they crank out enough to keep me coming back for more. As if combing their site for new threads isn't enough of a time-waster, someone decided ...

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