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New Nike+ shoes further enhance digital training

The Verge has a long look at the latest improvements to Nike's Nike+ fitness system, which uses sensors in your shoes (and on the company's very popular Fuelband peripheral) to calculate fitness and workout information, and attempt to help keep you motivated while working out. The whole system ...

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Widget Watch: Shoe Size

If you've ever found yourself browsing Zappos and wondering if those size 42 pumps are really going to fit your petite peds, wonder no more! The Shoe Size widget, from CHCH.cc, takes the guess work out of foreign shoe sizes. That's it. That's all it does. You tell it you're a size 9 in the US and it...

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Marware announces universal Nike + iPod sensor pouch

Aside from all the pioneering DIYers out there, we've already found one retail accessory from Nike themselves that lets you use the Nike + iPod kit with any shoe, but now Marware has joined the race with their Sportsuit Sensor+ (looks like the '+' is becoming a hot new accessory to accessory names)....

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The Nike + iPod Sport Kit is now available

Lace up those running shoes kids, cuz Apple just released the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. You've been able to pre-order it almost since the original announcement, but I just received an announcement email from Apple and sure 'nuff: the store lists them as 'now shipping'. Unfortunately, I can't track dow...

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