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Display shortage forces Samsung to lose its competitve edge over the iPad 2

Samsung may be forced to fatten its tablet devices due to a display shortage. The Korean company gleefully proclaimed its revised Galaxy Tab line was thinner than the iPad 2 and repeatedly showcased the tablet's lean and mean design. An unfortunate display shortage has forced the company to d...

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Tragedy in Japan hasn't "meaningfully impacted iPad 2 supply"

The Japanese earthquake had a devastating effect on the people of Japan and temporarily shut down many manufacturing facilites. Analysts speculated this disaster might have produced a shortage of key components used in the electronics manufacturing process, but according to Piper Jaffray analys...

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Apple to use 60 percent of world touchscreen supply in 2011

Apple is buying up touchscreen displays for the 40 million iPad tablets it intends to sell in 2011, and it has scooped up 60 percent of the global touchscreen inventory. Apple has secured most of the touchscreen displays coming off the production line of panel makers Wintek and TPK and has created ...

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Smallest Macs in short supply, mini update imminent?

If you're looking to pick up a Mac mini for Father's Day, you might want to consider a nice fishing rod instead. AppleInsider notes extremely constrained supplies of the diminutive white computer, and reports that several bulk purchasers and education buyers have had their orders pushed back to June...

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Dateline NYC: Desperately seeking iPad

What's harder to find than a cheap apartment in Manhattan or a table at Per Se? According to Silicon Alley Insider, it's the iPad. The great slate will make you wait; it may be magical and/or revolutionary but it isn't to be found anywhere in the tri-state area (that's New York, New Jersey and Conne...

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iPhone 3G shortage could last for a month

Contrary to other analysts' rosy comments about Apple's supply chain, Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray is estimating that shortages in the supply of iPhone 3G handsets will last until mid-August. Munster said that he'd wager "we'll see problems for another two to four weeks," adding, "early demand h...

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iPhone shortage hits NYC

While the UK has been reporting a run on current-model iPhones recently, Gizmodo says that the shortage has reached across the pond to New York City. According to an anonymous staffer at the West 14th street Apple Store, "it's been out of stock all week." And to think, you were only worried about ri...

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