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Mac 101: Safari bookmark shortcuts

Once you memorize the patterns, keyboard shortcuts can be huge time savers. Some easy-to-remember keystrokes are available in Safari and give you quick access to your bookmarked URLs. In this Mac 101, we will show you how to organize your bookmarks bar and use the keyboard shortcuts to maximize...

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Send a Tweet via Notification Center using this handy AppleScript

Wouldn't it be great if you could send a tweet via Notification Center's "Click to Tweet" feature without needing to take your hands off of the keyboard? Apparently Stack Exchange user Ewwis thought so, too, and he wrote up a nice little AppleScript to do so. Macworld's Kirk McElhearn, who is a...

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Palua allows you to quickly switch between standard and Apple function keys

If you're an Apple keyboard or MacBook user, you'll know how useful the F1-F12 function keys can be when mapped to Apple functions such as brightness control, Expose and play controls. But what happens when you need the function keys to behave in a non-Apple mapped way? Sure you can hold down t...

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A handy Safari keyboard shortcut for Google searches

Here I go again, professing my love for keyboard shortcuts. I have shortcuts and hotkeys for just about everything I do on a daily basis. I'm running out of intuitive combinations, actually, but my muscle memory seems to have room for a few more. There's one shortcut, though, that I think every Safa...

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Mac 101: Navigating OS X with your keyboard

Let's face it: unless you're just casually surfing the Internet or playing a game, chances are pretty good that your hands are on the keyboard most of the time when you're at the computer. Sure, the mouse is only a few inches away, but wouldn't it just be easier if you didn't have to keep going back...

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Using aliases to extend Front Row's capabilities

While Front Row's integration with iTunes and iPhoto provides a nice, seamless experience, there are times when your needs demand a not-so-integrated approach -- say, for example, if you have an external hard drive full of videos that you'd like to watch on Front Row, but don't necessarily want t...

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Mac 101: Put your display to sleep fast

Quick! The boss is coming! Hide your screen! What, you don't have Spaces set up so you can switch to that handy Excel worksheet you've got open? That's okay -- just put your display to sleep. Of course, there are other reasons to want to quickly turn off your display, but they all have one simple k...

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iPhone 101: The home screen shortcut in 2.2

If you're like me, then you have around 7 home screens. It's annoying to flip back and forth between them to find the Apple apps, which are normally stored on the first home screen. With the introduction of the new iPhone/iPod touch 2.2 firmware, you now have the ability to jump to the first home sc...

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Use Mac OS X keyboard and shortcuts on Windows

If you're jonesing for your Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts to work on Windows, or if you just can't give up Apple's keyboard while using Boot Camp, the AppleK Pro keyboard driver for Windows might just be your fix. This little driver allows you to use most Mac OS X shortcuts (such as cmd - shift 3/4 fo...

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TUAW Tip: enable the AppleScript menu

As I was working on an AppleScript-related post this morning, I couldn't seem to find any TUAW Tips in our vast archives that explained how to enable that AppleScript menubar item (pictured) that is mentioned so often in Mac software circles. This, of course, called for just such a tip. So: the Appl...

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AppleScript to view next unread message in Mail

If you've ever wished for the ability to go to the next unread message in Mail, instead of having to shuffle through all the unread ones, some enterprising forum members have put together a script that might go well with your favorite app/script launcher, such as FastScripts. I tried...

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TUAW Tip: shortcuts for Sleep, Restart and Shut Down

We here at TUAW are suckers for productive shortcuts, and since yesterday's System Preferences tip was such a hit, I thought I'd post a few shortcuts to speed up the Sleep, Restart and Shut Down commands. There's actually quite a few ways to accomplish these tasks, so I'll try to mention all the met...

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TUAW Tip: shortcuts for display, audio and keyboard preferences

This simple tip was actually sent to us by TUAW reader Zoli Honig. It works on my MacBook Pro, and I assume other portables: if you hold the option key while pressing any of the F-key shortcuts for display brightness, keyboard brightness or audio volume settings, System Preferences will open and tak...

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GmailUI Extension for Thunderbird

If Gmail's UI floats your boat but you prefer using a desktop email client for 'no waiting for a refresh' feel, Ken Mixter has developed a Thunderbird extension just for you. The GmailUI extension brings many of the shortcuts and search expressions of Gmail to Mozilla's Thunderbird client. Keyboard ...

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Unsanity's ClearDock and Menu Master go Universal

Hot on the heels of brining Universal status to their Application Enhancer, Unsanity has released UB versions of ClearDock (free) and Menu Master ($10). ClearDock, as you might glean from the name, is a one-trick pony that can strip the dock of its transparent background or allow you to adjust the b...

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