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Spotify for iOS gets free to listen shuffle options

Since its debut, Spotify's free offerings have mostly been targeted toward desktop users, leaving nonpaying cellphone fans stuck at the bus station with nothing to listen to other than Pandora, iTunes Radio or any of the myriad of other streaming services. Today Spotify has released their previously...

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Apple may discontinue the iPod shuffle and classic

We've been sitting on a tip for a while until things came into greater focus, but now that the speculation meter has exploded (see this CNet story), it's a good time to tell you all what we've heard. It seems that the "product transition" Apple mentioned on the last earnings call could very wel...

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Music for Shuffle features music designed for the iPod shuffle

This is fascinating to me -- musician Matthew Irvine Brown has compiled a set of 18 musical tracks, about an hour of music total, designed to be played in random order on the iPod shuffle. There was a lot of care and thought put into this as he designed the music to be atmospheric pieces. Even when...

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Seen at CES: iDevices through the years

We saw these displays over in the actual iLounge booth (they also have a deal to sponsor some of the iPhone-related displays here at CES), and thought you readers would enjoy a look. Basically iLounge went back and obtained a version of every single iDevice out there (with the exception of the tw...

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Apple updates the iPod shuffle

At today's press event, Steve Jobs announced a full revamp of the iPod line. The new iPod shuffle is smaller than the 2nd generation device and brings back something that many users missed with the previous model. Specifically, buttons! The new shuffle has a familiar-looking click wheel on the sm...

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Terminal Tips: Generate random filenames for digital photo frame images

It's not at all unlikely that you or a relative have received a digital photo frame as some sort of gift. The concept is great, one frame on your mantle, many pictures on display. Unfortunately, Apple has yet to enter the photo frame market -- at least until the iPad is released, that is. In the int...

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TUAW and Scosche are giving away a tapSTICK for 3rd gen iPod shuffle

When you think about the 3rd generation iPod shuffle, you probably don't think about getting a case for it. After all, the little music box is less than 2 inches long, .7 inches wide, and .3 inches thick, and it comes with a clip. The designers at Scosche Industries realized that some shuffle own...

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Businessweek puts Apple at top of Most Innovative list

Businessweek has posted a list of what they call the top 50 most innovative companies in 2009, and guess who is sitting right at the top of the list. Sure enough, it's our favorite computer maker -- according to the survey, taken by "senior executives around the world," Apple is number one, and the ...

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New shuffle gets an update

Got a new iPod shuffle? Hook up to iTunes and check Software Update, because there's a holiday surprise waiting there for you. The revised VoiceOver Kit 1.0.1 corrects artist name pronunciations and includes a few other fixes. If you've downloaded the update let us know how it's working for you. [vi...

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Attention world: The iPhone dislikes moisture

There's a story at Click2Houston (I would have embedded the video if I had that option) about iPhone users who have had their devices ruined by excessive exposure to sweat. Specifically, they've been bringing them to the gym to provide a soundtrack to their workouts. Of course, sweat leaks into the ...

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New iPod shuffle features VoiceOver

The store is back, and the rapid rumor ramp-up is vindicated: Apple introduced a new iPod shuffle this morning, billed as 'the first music player that talks to you' -- it features a VoiceOver interface that announces artists, songs and playlists on demand (the iPod nano features spoken menus as well...

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Apple Store back online, with changes

With the day's Apple news slowing down, the Apple store finally came back online after what seemed to be an eternity. We've been looking around and here are the changes that we found: New iPod nanos are now available for order and ship within 24 hours New iPod touches are available for order a...

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Piper Jaffray analyst predicts Sept. MacBook updates

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is speculating that Apple will hold a special event in early September to announce new iPods and MacBooks, according to a research note he released. Munster is bullish on seeing Apple enter the sub-$1,000 market for its MacBook line, and has been saying so since la...

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Dance piece, for iPod shuffle

Apparently this iPod-enabled dance performance has been around for quite a while (here's an NYT piece on it from 2006), but it's the first we've heard of it, and it's pretty amazing. The 87-year-old choreographer, Merce Cunningham, who has collaborated with John Cage and Andy Warhol among others, ha...

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Shuffle price drop

After this morning's store downtime the Shuffle product page shows a $30 price drop to $49. If you're in the doghouse for not getting a Valentine's Day gift for your significant other, this might be your opportunity. Of course, I don't know what meaning might be construed from giving your sweetheart...

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