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NBA star uses iPad to sign $100M contract

NBA star Deron Williams is a pro basketball point guard who's just signed a five-year contract with the Brooklyn Nets worth nearly US$100 million. And he signed it in style: As you can see on his Twitter account, the actual signature was recorded on an iPad. With his finger! The app he's usin...

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Daily iPad App: Adobe Reader is an easy way to add annotations and signatures to your PDF documents

Adobe updated its Reader app for iOS, and what was a good PDF reader is now an excellent tool to annotate and sign documents. As luck would have it, I needed to add a note and sign a PDF file that was sent to me via email today. This rare occurrence gave me the opportunity to check out these ne...

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Mac 101: Capture your signature using OS X Lion's Preview app

OS X Lion has made signing PDFs easier than ever before. It's been possible to scan in your handwritten signature and sign documents in earlier versions of Mac OS X, but it was a complex process and one most people probably never trifled with. More often than not, I found it easier to simply pr...

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President Obama signs another iPad

At the NATO summit in Lisbon, Portugal, an iPad-toting attendee approached President Obama and asked him to sign his 21st century autograph pad. The President replied, "I've done this once before." Back in October, President Obama signed an iPad at a rally at the University of Washington. As Dave...

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5 productivity tips for

Like Kelly Taylor from Beverly Hills 90210 and her flings with Dylan, Brandon and Colin, I've been around the block with mail clients, both on the Mac and PC side.That said, I prefer While is simple enough for less advanced users, it also contains some niceties for power users. He...

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Mac 101: Making a fancy signature in

I was leafing through some emails this afternoon and came upon one with an extremely attractive signature block. So attractive, in fact, that I promptly stopped doing the writing I was working on and decided to create my own new signature to replace the ugly one I had been using. I wanted to have...

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First Look: Breaking the print / sign / fax cycle with Zosh for iPhone

Does this scenario sound familiar? You're out of town or away from your office, and you get a call from a client. They need for you to fill out and sign a contract, and then return it to them as quickly as possible. Right now, you'd probably pull out your laptop, pull up the email with the cont...

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Have a MacBook running Snow Leopard? Give someone your Autograph

Up to this point in time, if you wanted to "sign" an electronic document (other than a secure PDF), you either had to scan your signature with a scanner and import the resulting graphic into your document, or purchase a digitizing tablet. Ten One Design, the same folks who brought us the Pogo Sketch...

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Random Signatures with TextExpander and AppleScript

TextExpander, a $29.95US utility which inserts snippets of text or images when you type a preset string of characters, has long been a TUAW favorite. I only recently learned that it can run AppleScripts within a snippet, which opened up a world of fun for me. Here's a quick script demonstrating how ...

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Maintenance utility Cocktail 4.1.4 released

All the way since back when I started using a Mac, the program that's been most recommended to new Mac users in my experience isn't Adium, Transmit, or Quicksilver (although those are certain all terrific apps/reasons to be a Mac owner) -- Cocktail is the one that I've seen on the Top 10 Mac apps mo...

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Use CSS in your Mail signatures

I'll have to agree with Dvorak that mail apps that don't allow HTML are lame lame lame. Apple's Mail will allow you to see HTML emails, but not compose them. I guess that's supposed to be a security/annoyance feature, but sometimes I would really like to make an HTML email... But at least we can hav...

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Recipient-based Entourage email signatures with Other Signature X

Other Signature X is an applescript for Entourage 2004 that will allow you to assign signatures based on the recipient or group you're sending a message to. While I don't use Entourage myself and can't test this, it sounds like a great idea that I hope gets adopted by email apps in general. You can ...

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