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NBA star uses iPad to sign $100M contract

NBA star Deron Williams is a pro basketball point guard who's just signed a five-year contract with the Brooklyn Nets worth nearly US$100 million. And he signed it in style: As you can see on his Twitter account, the actual signature was recorded on an iPad. With his finger! The app he's usin...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: PDF Signer

These days almost all forms are distributed online as PDFs. However, when you need to sign one, you normally need to print it and scan it back in for an email, or even worse, use a fax. Luckily, there are apps for that. PDF Signer allows you to fill out and sign PDF forms. You can enter text ...

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SDK devsugar: Re-signing applications

TUAW's devsugar series helps introduce developers to tools and tricks that they might not yet be familiar with. Today's tip centers on signing already-compiled and already-signed applications with a new custom signature. A while back, I posted about a way to sign already-compiled applications wit...

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