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iPad component cost re-estimated

Now that the iPad is actually out and we know what's in it, iSuppli has adjusted its guesstimate for the actual price of the hardware to US$259.60. That's significantly more than the original estimate that was made a while back; iSuppli says that the iPad uses more silicon chips than expected, incl...

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NYT: Chips like the A4 could cost $1 billion to design

Apple may have finally gotten the chip they wanted with the iPad's A4, but a little freedom from contracting with other chip makers didn't come cheap. In a piece about how to make silicon chips, the New York Times estimates the cost to put a chip like the A4 together at a whopping $1 billion. And t...

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Apple making its own chips starting with the A4

Even though this morning's presentation had Apple calling themselves the "largest mobile device company" in the world, apparently they're in the processor business now, too. The just-announced iPad doesn't carry any special Intel or Nvidia CPU -- it's a homecooked 1GHz chip called the Apple A4. App...

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ezGear Video Protective Case for iPod

ezGear has released a hard, clear acrylic case for the 5G iPod cleverly called the clearCase Video. The case is hinged at the bottom and includes openings for easy access to the headphone port, hold switch and dock port. While one downside is that the click wheel is completely exposed, a plus for th...

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Customizable iJacket case for iPod

Brainchild Products, LLC offers a new spin on the iPod case with the custom iPod iJacket, a customizable silicon jacket for "all version of Apple's iPod," though the latest 5G version is not on their list - yet. They offer a slew of interesting and fairly unique pre-designed cases for the ...

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