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Microsoft pays Apple app devs to port to Windows Phone 7

Who would have thought this would ever happen? Microsoft, according to PocketGamer.biz, is throwing some substantial upfront money at developers of popular iPhone apps to port their products over to Windows Phone 7, which may be their last great hope of getting enough apps on the device to make it t...

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Microsoft offers video tips on organizing with Office

Ah, summertime; the kids are out of school, the pace drops back from 'overdrive' to 'merely hectic,' and you finally have the opportunity to tackle the giant looming crisis that is your personal state of disorganization. Perhaps I'm projecting a little bit. Anyway, if you're looking for a bit of ...

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Netflix Streaming officially comes to the Mac

Update: As the commenters have noted -- this service is currently only available for US customers. I truly apologize for my US-centric slant. Last month, Netflix finally started to roll out its Watch Instantly service to Mac users. You needed to opt-in to use the feature, but it was available for...

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Found Footage: Visual comparison of InkWell to Vista's handwriting recognition

The above video is a visual comparison of OS X's InkWell to Microsoft's handwriting recognition built into Vista. By using a Silverlight application he's able to send the pen strokes from a Mac to a remote Windows server. So he basically tries to write the same thing with each system.The author of...

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Microsoft releases Silverlight 1.0

We've blogged about Silverlight on TUAW before, and now Silverlight 1.0 is available. Silverlight is Microsoft's answer to Adobe's juggernaut, Flash. This cross platform browser plugin (it works with Firefox and Safari on the Mac) was built from the ground up with RIA's (that's Rich Internet Applica...

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Netflix talks 'Instant Viewing' for Mac

There are a few companies who, through their products and services, have earned a special place in my heart. Apple is one (obviously), as well as Amazon, New Balance, Nintendo, and Netflix. Netflix, in case you haven't heard of them, makes money via a subscription model. You pay a monthly fee and th...

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Silverlight brings Windows Media Streaming from MS

Over at mac mojo, the Microsoft Mac Business Unit blog, Blair Neumann is expressing his excitement about Silverlight. As we mentioned before, Silverlight is Microsoft's cross-platform, Flash alternative, which is now available in beta form for both Safari and Firefox. Perhaps the most interesting th...

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Your browser's next plugin: Silverlight?

At this year's NAB, Microsoft has revealed Silverlight (né Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere, WPF/E), its new cross-browser, cross-platform video plug-in. This new plug-in supports Safari and Firefox as well as MSIE and was written using .NET technology. TUAW reader Neil points out t...

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