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Sims 4 hasn't made a home on OS X, and I'm OK with that

Today's big release of Sims 4 was not celebrated by OS X devotees thanks to EA's decision to make the game a Windows-only affair, at least for the time being. An FAQ posted on the Sims 4 website makes the potential future of a Mac edition unclear, noting only that there are "no updates on Mac at t...

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The Sims 3 coming to Mac and iPhone Summer 2009

The Sims 3 is the latest iteration of the best-selling computer game in history -- it features the ability to custom-make and create your Sims and their surroundings, and explore the neighborhoods and cities that they live in. But even more strangely, it's set for an almost simultaneous release on...

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Aspyr (not EA) releases Sims Pet Stories for Mac

Good news for you Sims completists out there (or anyone with a daughter on a MacBook): Aspyr Media has released Sims Pet Stories, the standalone Sims Pets game that lets you train, play with, and care for cats and dogs destined for the Pet Show. The reviews aren't exactly shining, but according to t...

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Dailymotion releases iPhone site

Those wily mobileers at Engadget Mobile send a pointer to Dailymotion's new iPhone-specific site. No matter how you feel about iPhone-specific websites, watching videos on the iPhone is always fun, and since Dailymotion has taken the time to encode the content in Quicktime, it's actually possible ...

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Bowling with The Sims game in iTunes Store

Get your iPods out and your gaming thumbs on boys and girls - the iTunes Store just added a new game: The Sims Bowling (iTunes link). From the preview trailer in the iTunes Store, it looks like a pretty decent bowling game; users are able to adjust their position and direction before throwing, and y...

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Mac Gaming: Sims 2 Goes Gold Master

My wife is obsessed with the Sims. She likes to take all of our friends and create little virtual families based upon them, marrying some friends to other friends, making a few of them the children of others, and every once in a while throwing a T.V. family into the mix. Nothing makes her more bliss...

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