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DevJuice: A real-world lesson in why you must test on-device

Dave Caolo's daughter has been working hard on a school report regarding the Everglades National Park. So he downloaded a nice-looking iPad app on the subject for her. Swiping around it looked great. And then he tapped on a video. This is what happened. In the TUAW back channel, we scratched...

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Out of the Park Baseball gets updated for the new season

Spring is here in the US. My Cubs are losing, and that must mean it's finally time for baseball season! MLB's official At Bat app is already out in the App Store if you want to listen to the real thing, but if you would rather have your pitching and hitting simulated, Out of the Park Baseball h...

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Daily iPhone App: Gizmonauts is DragonVale, but with robots

Backflip Studios' biggest hit is still Paper Toss, an early app that has you throwing a paper ball into a wastebasket, and has been downloaded over 24 million times. But the company has grown a lot since that initial game was released, and these days works almost more like a major gaming studio...

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TUAW's Daily App: Trainz Simulator

I got to see the Trainz Simulator in action at GDC this year. The Trainz series of software is extremely popular on the PC, and the company released an iPad version a little while ago to pretty high acclaim. I will admit to knowing nearly nothing about trains, either the real or the miniature k...

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MyReef 3D Aquarium puts a realistic aquarium in your pocket

I've always thought aquariums as screensavers were a no-brainer. Most are lacking, limiting themselves to small fish you'd find in just about any aquarium, freshwater or salt water. MyReef 3D Aquarium [iTunes Link] isn't going to shake up the genre, but it is certainly the most realistic, smoothest ...

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Developer-to-developer: application sharing for the iPhone simulator

Last week, TUAW showed you how to sign iPhone applications for informal developer-to-developer distribution. That approach lets you share applications between members of the iPhone developer program by using your signing credentials to authorize the application for use on your development units. iPh...

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Will the iPhone SDK offer a built-in simulator?

When reverse engineering, it's sometimes hard to figure out exactly what you're looking at, and what it all means. For example, the iPhone's supported platforms include the following. Platforms = (M68, N82, simulator); Platforms = (N45); We know what the M68 platform is. It's the iPhone. And we kno...

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