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Twine uses your interests to match you with singles

Twine (free) launched today, and it offers a novel approach to the age old problem of meeting other singles. While niche sites like Cupidtino come and go, your Facebook profile, check-ins and activity provide a map of your interests. Twine looks at those interests, the people around you (more or l...

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iTunes offers first Beatles ringtones

Apple started selling albums from The Beatles last year and now the company has released a set of ringtones taken from the band's most popular albums. The selections span a wide range of titles including early titles like A Hard Day's Night and later tracks like the 1970 chart-topper Let It Be. Yo...

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Meet guys at the Apple Store

I believe that a good percentage of our staff here at TUAW is married, female, or both, so being the bachelor that I am, I'll be the one to post the news that Apple Stores are a great place to meet single men, sent to us by reader Naveed (and I do believe this might be the first and hopefully the ...

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Turn Google gadgets into widgets, widgets into apps

Google, like seemingly almost every other web services company on the planet these days, offers a personalized Google homepage that allows you to customize the page with more or less the internet version of widgets. Google calls them gadgets, and you can drag and drop them to create just the page yo...

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Music/video combos added to iTunes

Apple has added music/video combo deals to the iTunes music store [iTunes link]. A new page has been set up that lets you buy either the song you're after for $0.99US or its accompanying video for $1.99US (as usual), or you can get both for $2.49US. It's not huge news (I'm still waiting for the upda...

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