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Daily iPhone App: Cupidtino

We covered Cupidtino a little while ago. It's a dating site for Mac users who are looking for love. Given its purview and the fact that no web service is complete without an iPhone app, Cupidtino has released an iPhone app for single Apple fans. I kid but it's actually pretty nice. You can browse ...

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26% of Web video is ready for the iPad

Here's an interesting stat -- 26% of the video on the Web is iPad-ready, according to Mefeedia, a firm that supposedly monitors online video around the Internet. You may think that's low (that means 74% of the web can't be seen on the iPad), but that number actually represents a good amount of grow...

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App Store payola, and what it means for the app ecosystem

Earlier this week, Wired posted a story about what they call "App Store Payola" -- the practice of sites that solicit cash payments (or other compensation) in order to expedite or publish app reviews. This isn't anything new. Ever since the App Store first went online, there have been sites that hav...

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Multisite and iWebSites for iWeb now supports '08 version

For most users, iWeb keeps things simple by creating and managing a single, all-encompassing site file stored in your home directory. The downside for anyone who would like to create more than one site with iWeb, however, is that the app doesn't offer any easy way to do so; users have to drill in...

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iWeb 1.1 can handle multiple site databases

I was pretty darn happy with iWeb's update the other day, and good news of feature  enhancements is still cropping up. Comments on my review of iWeb's new features pointed out such handy additions as a pop-up calendar when clicking on a blog post's date - great for adjusting its schedule. There...

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iLife 06 Tip: Edit iWeb sites on more than one Mac

I've been poking around in iWeb to create a wedding site for my fiance and I. While I really like the app, I share one of the big peeves around the web: sites created in it are only edit-able on the originating Mac. Thankfully, MacOSXHints has come to the rescue again, with a fairly simple method fo...

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