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Sketch 3 makes a great design tool even better

If you're a designer type, you've probably heard about Sketch. It's an ambitious attempt (by a team of just four people) to produce a vector drawing application that can make the Adobe Creative Suite a moot point for most designers. That's not their mission statement, but they've created a tool that...

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Mac App of the Week: PicSketch turns a photograph into a sketch in just a few seconds

Recently, a friend asked me if there is any way to easily turn a photograph into a sketch, kind of like they do with journalists' pictures in The Wall Street Journal articles. At the time I told him no, but recently I've found a nice little OS X app that does that very thing. PicSketch allows any...

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Sketch 2.1 adds Retina support, more

The folks at Bohemian Coding have released Sketch 2.1, with an emphasis on Retina display support. The update required many coding changes and "...more than a hundred" graphic updates. Sketch is the Apple Design Award-winning vector graphic app that's great for web and UI design, icon design and...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: SketchMee

There are lots of auto-sketching applications available for iOS -- you can see their results littering Twitter every now and again. The Mac, however, has a lot more horsepower to play with, and SketchMee really takes advantage of it. SketchMee sketches you, or anything else you like, from a p...

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Adobe Ideas for iPad gets feature boost

Adobe updated Ideas, its vector-based sketchbook application for the iPad, earlier this week. The 1.2 version of the iPad application is available for free and lets users grab a capacitive stylus or their finger to create a drawing or add annotations to images. This latest version adds a new premiu...

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Holiday weekend giveaway: Type Drawing for iPad

There's a lot of great drawing apps for the iPad out there, but Type Drawing puts a unique spin on things. With Type Drawing, you can sketch anything your mind can conceive of, but your brush strokes are made up of words instead of lines. I've been playing around with the app for a while now, and it...

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Found Footage: Creating manga on the iPad

In the video above, artist Yoshitoshi Abe uses LiveSketch HD [$0.99] to sketch one of his characters named Ain. Yoshitoshi's normal medium is pencil and paper, but you can see that the detail he achieves in the sketch on the iPad is almost in parity with his pencil sketches. What's even more...

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The 12-hour iPhone app

Gizmodo has an interesting story from David Quinlan, a coder who decided to sit down over a weekend with a few friends to crank out an iPhone app. It's an excellent read, not only for the little quirks and tips about organizing a collaborative project very quickly (they sketch out features and then...

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Found Footage: SNL - Post-It-Notes

It's always nice to see Apple parodies, especially when they: a) have nothing to do with an existing product, or specifically: the iPod, and b) are from the mid-90's. This is a decent SNL spoof that quickly rose up the digg ranks yesterday evening, parodying a fictitious Apple product that's a bit ...

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Curio Basic offered for free until midnight, August 7th

Remember Curio from Zengobi, that unique brainstorming and project management app we found a couple weeks ago? As a thanks to all the publicity they've been getting lately the company has decided to offer Curio Basic for free - but only until midnight, EDT on Tuesday, August 7th. All you need to do...

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Brainstorming and project management with Curio

It's too bad I didn't know about Curio from Zengobi when I was writing the Get Organized post, as it seems to take quite an interesting approach to collecting, jotting down and organizing information. Billed as an app that "promotes visual thinking gathering and shaping your ideas", Curio definitel...

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