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Daily iPad App: Tayasui Sketches is a basic, but beautiful sketching app

Casual artists looking to expand their sketching skills to the iPad should take a close look at Tayasui Sketches. The app landed in the iOS App Store earlier this month and rivals Paper as one of the best easy-to-use sketchbook apps. Sketches reminds me of an artist's workbench with a canvas in t...

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The Nomad Flex paintbrush stylus will let you paint on a touchscreen (as well as you already can)

We've talked about the Nomad Brush before -- it's a capacitive paintbrush stylus that's designed to be used on a touchscreen canvas, letting you paint across your iPad's (or iPhone's, though the size of that screen makes it a little tougher) touchscreen with your favorite art-making app. Now, N...

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Adobe Ideas for iPad gets feature boost

Adobe updated Ideas, its vector-based sketchbook application for the iPad, earlier this week. The 1.2 version of the iPad application is available for free and lets users grab a capacitive stylus or their finger to create a drawing or add annotations to images. This latest version adds a new premiu...

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Mega-super TUAW shootout of the iPhone UI sketchbooks

Part of my work requires me to mock up iPhone apps, often to show developers how I would redesign a user interface to work better than something they've come up with. Over the past few months, a number of paper sketchbooks have appeared on the market, all designed expressly for this purpose. I decid...

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A sketchbook for iPhone apps

Want to sketch out your iPhone apps? There's a notebook for that. App Sketchbook is a pretty nifty notebook for iPhone developers who want to sketch out their products out on paper as part of the brainstorming process. App Sketchbook has three pre-drawn, full-sized iPhone templates per page with ...

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