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TurboSketch bundles SketchUp for retail

If you secretly harbor the desire to design in 3D, you've probably already downloaded and explored Google SketchUp, the free-slash-500-dollar modeling tool from our buddies on the G-team that allows you to put your virtual buildings right into Google Earth. Now, as seen at Macworld, there's an inter...

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Google releases SketchUp for Mac OS X

Of course, with the Universal release of Google Earth, Google has also kicked out a Mac OS X version of their recently-purchased SketchUp, a 3D modeling app for the masses. If you need a quick explanation, here's one as good as any from their site: "Adding a deck? Remodeling your kitchen? From simpl...

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SketchUp free

Hot on the heels of being acquired by Google, the fine folks that make SketchUp have released a free version. Now, at the moment it is Windows only, but a Mac version is coming soon (and I bet it'll be sooner than most Mac products from Google). The new version, called Google SketchUp (free), is sli...

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Google Buys @Last, Developer of SketchUp

Google's on an acquisition trend, having just purchased Writely, an online word processor, likely to compete with the Microsoft Office monopoly. And today, @Last Software, developers of the excellent 3D/CAD design software SketchUp, announced their acquisition by the search engine giant. The develop...

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Google Earth plugin for SketchUp

SketchUp has teamed up with Google to create a beta plugin for SketchUp (a very cool drafting program). Why is this cool? You can create a building in SketchUp and place that drawing in its context in Google Earth. This is a very powerful concept and I'm sure lots of small Mac shops are rejoicing a...

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