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Fantastic short film presents a day in the life of an iPhone

If your daily routine involves waking to the beep of your iPhone alarm, this short film called "Skew" is going to hit close to home. Using a massive iPhone mockup and physical objects to mimic the smartphone's on-screen icons, it's a bit of a reverse take on traditional skeuomorphism (hence the "S...

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Flat design and mobile advertising

In a guest post for VentureBeat, Patrick Keane writes that the new flat aesthetic in iOS 7 will force mobile advertisers to adjust their approach and will ultimately result in the decline of mobile banner ads. While I certainly hope that the end result envisioned by Keane comes to pass (after all...

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The future of Apple UI

Now that Scott Forstall is no longer in charge of iOS and Jony Ive is overseeing both product design and user experience, signs are pointing to a major overhaul of the user interfaces for iOS, OS X and the Apple-created apps that are part of the operating systems. Wired's Christina Bonnington t...

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Skeuomorphic iPad app design

Love it or hate it, the skeuomorphic school of iPad app design is here to stay. Even though skeuomorphism proponent Scott Forstall is no longer with Apple, we don't expect to see the fad of replicating the look of analog devices in digital apps to pass anytime soon. Chris Spooner at Line 25 has...

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Why Siri is like skeuomorphic UIs: the magic is just skin deep

By now you've probably heard of the widely reported case of Siri's alleged pro-life stance. Walking the dogs this morning, I thought through what I hoped would be an interesting blog post about what I feel this means about Apple and our relationship to technology. I see an interesting link here b...

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