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Tag: skiing

Get ready to hit the slopes with Ski & Snow Report

Some of you are actually looking forward to the arrival of winter and all that snow. Those of you in this group are probably active winter sports enthusiasts. It won't be long now, in fact, at least one Colorado ski resort has already opened one lift and trail. If the weather cooperates, most of...

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Weekend App: Ski Tracks logs your performance when you hit the slopes

Winter is still going strong in most parts of the country, which means there is plenty of time to hit the slopes before the big spring thaw. If you have plans to go skiing in the near future, then you should definitely check out Ski Tracks from Core Coders. Ski Tracks is a tracking app that uses...

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TUAW's Daily App: Solipskier

Solipskier is kind of a mix of the growing line drawing genre and the classic Line Rider game. A little headphone wearing skier (at least he wears headphones as long as he can keep them on) travels along a snow ridge that you actually draw with your finger as you play the game; he speeds up or...

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Ski resorts busted by iPhone app

Want to see past a ski resort's lies? There's an app for that. The iPhone's ability to track snowfall at ski resorts has been well publicized (it even showed up in an official Apple commercial), but apparently there's been an unintended consequence: ski resorts are actually losing money. The UK's...

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Let it snow: Snow Reports for iPhone

It's late October in ski country, and that means skiers and snowboarders are getting their gear ready, trying to get into shape, and starting to watch the skies for signs of snow. Snow Reports, from Eddit Incorporated, provides the ability to create your own personalized lists of your favorite ski...

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iGlove Multi iPod gloves

We've mentioned the Tavo iPod gloves before, but if you want something a little bulkier - and warmer, from the looks of them, check out the iGlove Multi from Marmot. The iGlove Multi (we're really not sure what the "multi" is supposed to mean) is a pair of fleece gloves that are "Click Wheel...

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Belkin SportCommand for iPod

If you're hitting the slopes with your iPod this winter and you can't afford one of those swanky Burton iPod jackets, you might consider Belkin's new SportCommand - a wireless, weather-resistant, neoprene, armband remote. As you've come to expect from an iPod remote, this one will allow you to...

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