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Tag: skins

The Slipstopper will help your iPhone get a grip

There aren't many unique iPhone accessories these days, with most cases and skins being improvements over existing designs, but the Slipstopper manages to carve its own small niche. It's probably the most literally named accessory of all time, with its primary function being its ability to prevent...

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You can now turn your iPhone into the iFruit from GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V does a great job of skewering modern tech culture, as well as Apple itself, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the "iFruit" smartphones that are seen in the game. Now, with the help of a handy skin from Mobile Fun, you can turn your iPhone 4, 4s, 5 or 5s into an iFruit to...

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BOOKback for iPad and iPhone offers sleek scratch protection

The BOOKback from DODOcase is an adhesive fabric skin for the iPad (original and iPad 2) and iPhone 4. It feels nice (think Moleskine notebook), is easily re-positioned and looks good to boot. I spent two weeks with a BOOKback on my iPhone 4 and 1st-generation iPad. My overall impression is that t...

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iWrap offers case-free iPhone protection

The iWrap is a thin, tough film meant to protect your iPhone from nicks, smudges and dings. After a month of use, I can say that it will appeal to a certain group of users, but not everyone. Those after thin, case-free scratch protection should consider the iWrap. Here's my look at iWrap for the i...

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Put a Windows Phone 7 theme on your iPhone

Been trying to think of a way to try out a new Windows phone without crossing over to the dark side switching sides? If that's the case and you have been looking for a way to recreate the Windows Phone 7 interactive theme on your iPhone or iPod touch, Wyndwarrior's "OS7" is available in public beta...

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DIY Composition notebook cover for MacBook Air

Have an 11-inch MacBook Air and want to jazz it up with a skinmod that propels you back to your school days? If you responded with an enthusiastic "yes," then you need to check out this composition notebook skin from Beyondthetech. The skin will transform the outer lid of your MacBook Air int...

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Surprisingly affordable wooden iPhone skins

Now that Apple's giving away cases for your iPhone, you're going to really have to go off the beaten path to find something that gives your phone a more original look than the standard neon bumper. Enter these classy wooden skins sold by KARVT, which not only separate your iPhone from the crowd but...

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Nice white iPhone 4 mod

While we wait for Apple to begin selling white iPhones, people have been coming up with their own solutions. The folks at Engadget used several spare parts to build theirs. But TUAW reader Trevor took a decidedly simpler approach. First, he created a file with a JPEG of the vintage Apple logo and...

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Apple patents "Smart Covers" for devices

Apple has patented a new kind of cover or skin for devices like the iPhone and iPad. The "smart covers" deliver a paradigm shift for electronic device covers, according to the patent. Apple notes that traditional skins and covers only provide protection from dents and scratches. A smart device co...

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Channel Four on Demand: Sorry, Mac users

Mac users in the UK have been waiting a long time (like, years) for Channel 4's Video on Demand "Catch Up" service to come to their platform, and finally, after long last, the day is here. And they're sorry, Mac users -- they say so with the cute video above. Of course, the reason why it's now comp...

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Photojojo offers keyboard shortcut skins

For listeners of The Talk Show's marathon keyboard episode, you might remember a brief mention of those templates you used to get with software that fit over the function keys of your old Apple Extended Keyboard. If you still pine for those, Photojojo has a brand new set of keyboard overlays for P...

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Make Thunderbird resemble Leopard Mail

I use Thunderbird for email on my laptop running Ubuntu. It works great, but the default skin isn't to my liking. I've tried skinning it with mixed results, but today I've found The Skin I've Been Looking For (but not in a creepy, Buffalo Bill kind of way). Deviant Art user ~Rio-2007 has posted a v...

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iPhone skins from DecalGirl

If going all-out with a custom Colorware paint job for your iPhone is a bit too over-the-top, perhaps some new iPhone skin kits from the everlasting DecalGirl are more your style. Printed on premium grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl with a high-gloss clear protective coating, all of their skins bo...

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VLC 0.8.5 released with Intel Mac, Growl support, many improvements

The most excellent jack-of-many-formats VLC media player has just reached version 0.8.5, and boy  does it pack a whallop - just check out the release notes. The biggest new additions to write home about are Universal Binary support, Growl notifications, a statistics system, new skin support in...

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The Iconfactory releases new iPulse jackets

What fun are your utilities if you can't dress them up, right? The Iconfactory has released four new skins (or "jackets") for iPulse, their system monitoring tool (I personally like Scarab). With iPulse, you can monitor disk usage, CPU usage, system load, motherboard temperature and a lot ...

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