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Skyfire browser brings account switching to iPad with HotSwap

Skyfire is among the most popular third-party browser apps in the App Store, bringing quite a few solid browsing features that mobile Safari doesn't have to the iPhone and the iPad. And here's yet another one: The latest update to Skyfire adds account switching capabilities, so multiple users on ...

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iSwifter will bring Flash-free browsing to the Mac

Apple hasn't shipped Adobe Flash Player on Macs since last October, and the current shipping version of Flash Player has some incompatibilities with Lion that have yet to be fixed. If developer iSwifter has its way, you won't need Flash Player on any of your Apple devices. iSwifter currently ...

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TUAW's Daily iPad App: Puffin browser

When you absolutely, positively need to be able to view Flash websites, the new Puffin Web Browser for iPad (US$0.99, universal app) is an inexpensive way to do so. The app, much like Skyfire ($4.99) before it, runs the sites through a server for rendering and compression before delivering the ...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Is Flash video working on iPad yet?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I keep hearing about applications like Skyfire working on the iPad so we can watch Flash video. But when I hop over to Hulu, it says I have to join Hulu Plus to view videos. Why does Hulu act like this? What am I doing wrong? Love, Your nephew Chris W....

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Flash-friendly Skyfire browser for iPad gets updated

After the initial iPhone, iPad and iPod touch version earned $1 million in its first weekend on the App Store back in November, the third-party iPad-specific web browser Skyfire for iPad (US$4.99) has been updated to Version 2.1.1 and is available for downloading now. Fixes in the update include aut...

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Skyfire browser headed for iPad

Skyfire, the internet browser that transcodes Flash video content into HTML5 so that it can be viewed on Apple's iOS devices (which, in case you didn't already know, don't support Flash), is coming to the iPad. Alongside its main function, Skyfire for iPad will introduce some additional social ne...

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Skyfire browser earns $1 million in first weekend

Apparently there is a market for Flash on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, judging by the success that the third party browser Skyfire (US$2.99) had in its first weekend in the App Store. The Skyfire browser enables Flash video playback by converting Flash content to HTML5, which is playable on the...

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Skyfire browser back in the App Store, but in limited quantities

This just in: the Skyfire browser, which was released earlier this week and then quickly pulled when the company's servers were overwhelmed, is being released back into the App Store. But before you do what I did and rush out to purchase it, note that it is only being released in "batches." That me...

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Skyfire pulls iPhone app from App Store due to overloaded servers

Just five hours into availability, high demand on Skyfire servers forced them to pull the Skyfire iOS app from the App Store. The company says its working to increase server capacity and will have a new group of apps available "soon." The $US2.99 app brought Flash video, in a roundabout way, to t...

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Flash video on iPhone with the Skyfire browser coming 11/4

If you've been craving an iPhone but you consider the lack of Adobe Flash video support on iOS devices as a dealbreaker, there's nothing standing in your way anymore. At 9 AM ET on Thursday, November 4, the Skyfire browser will hit the App Store for US$2.99 and provide a way to watch Flash video on...

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