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Sound Circle won't let you sleep

I love napping. I could make excuses about it making me more productive and alert, but the simple fact is that naps and sleeping are a great personal pleasure. It's not easy to nap just everywhere and at anytime. I find that "white noise" and soothing sounds can really help me to nap on airplanes,...

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White Noise HQ brings you customized focus and relaxation

There are a lot of white noise apps available in the App Store, but this one is by far the most robust. Available in both a free and a paid version for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, White Noise HQ is packed with sounds and customization features. In general, most free apps come with extreme...

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See how the Napa earthquake affected Jawbone users' sleep

If you're one of the many iPhone users with a Jawbone UP strapped to your wrist, you might be used to seeing pretty standard peaks and valleys on your sleep charts. Not so for many in Northern California who were awoken by the rumblings of one of the largest earthquakes to hit the area in several ...

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Some new Retina MacBook Pros suffering from WiFi issues

The new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros with Retina display are hands down the best laptops Apple has ever made. Yet there seems to be a growing number of issues related to sleep and WiFi connectivity with the flagship laptops. Besides Apple's support forum threads, which detail the issues, and s...

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Tower iPhone dock discourages late-night iPhone use

夜間night* is a bed stand dock for your iPhone with a twist. The iPhone sits inside the dock and lulls you sleep with its soothing music and relaxing mood light. Just when you are sleeping peacefully, this dreamy environment is harshly disrupted when the dock begins to flash and vibrate in respon...

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Why hibernate or 'safe sleep' mode is no longer necessary in OS X Lion (Updated)

Update: Several commenters expressed concern that disabling safe sleep could expose you to the possibility of drive corruption if you lose power or your machine spontaneously restarts. This particular fear is groundless; Safe Sleep doesn't have anything to do with volume corruption (except if y...

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Hit the iPhone snooze button and help charity

There's no shortage of interesting and creative iOS apps and Snooze is one of them. It's an alarm clock app developed by Letgive, a charitable donation company. The app lets you set an alarm and will donate money (US$0.25) to one of Letgive's non-profit organizations each time you press the sno...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Caffeine

Caffeine, like a shot of coffee at night, keeps your Mac awake and your screen bright. We first covered it a few years ago. A tiny menu bar utility, Caffeine prevents your Mac from activating the screen saver or sleeping when idle. Presenting as a cup of coffee, the icon indicates whether Ca...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Shuttie

Ever wanted to leave your Mac running unattended at night, but don't want it running all night long? Today's Daily Mac App will help you do just that. Shuttie allows you to bind one of six actions to a countdown timer, allowing you to shutdown, restart, sleep or logout of your Mac, or fire of...

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iPad class action lawsuit heats up

I guess when you're the big guy in town, everybody paints a target on your back. First, Apple and AT&T were sued for the data plan change on the iPad, and now another class action lawsuit about the iPad is underway in California, claiming that the tablet overheats way too quickly when held or p...

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Recent MBPs suffering from 'narcolepsy'

There's an active thread on Apple's support boards about current-model MacBook Pro machines, running current builds of Leopard and Snow Leopard. These MBPs are refusing to wake from sleep. Specifically, users find a black screen when trying to rouse their machines, despite hearing the disk spinning ...

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iPad Wi-Fi issues continue to irritate

This morning, we spotted this write-up on Apple 2.0 about dealing with iPad Wi-Fi issues. Since this is the iPad's number one usability issue -- poor Wi-Fi throughput and lost connections -- users are on the prowl for solutions, even ones that may sound a little offbeat. In this case, one correspon...

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iLuv iPhone dock includes "bed shaker"

The iLuv iMM178 shares a lot in common with many iPod docks available in the market today: Play and charge your iPhone or iPod -- check. Alarm clock scheduling based on full-week, weekdays and weekends -- check. Alarm clock with customizable sounds -- check. Alarm clock that vibrates to wa...

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iPhone OS 3.1.2 is out

In just a little under a month after iPhone OS 3.1 was released, Apple has just released an update for the iPhone OS, upgrading it to 3.1.2. This update fixes the widely reported issue where the iPhone would not wake from sleep, and also fixes an issue involving video playback and cellular service....

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Mac 101: Sleepy success for the portably inclined

Welcome back to Mac 101, our series of posts aimed at novice Mac users and veterans who like the occasional refresher. If you've owned a Mac portable for any length of time, chances are pretty high that you have had your Mac wake up while stowed away in a carrying case. You know the drill as well...

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