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Sleeve360 and HandStand for iPad 2: Smackdown of the rotating iPad cases

In January, I wrote a review of the Sleeve360 "wearable" iPad case that had just hit the market at that time. I saw the Sleeve360 team at Macworld Expo a few weeks later, and was happy to see that they were selling a pile of the cases. In April, I gave away a HandStand iPad case that was simila...

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TUAW takes Sleeve360 iPad case for a spin -- literally

Way back in November, we featured a video from ThinkFast LLC starring the Sleeve360 for iPad. This case has an adjustable back hand strap that provides a comfortable one-handed hold on the iPad, and allows the iPad to rotate a full 360 degrees. In the video, you can see an iPad spinning freely, and ...

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Sleeve360 spinning, wearable iPad case getting closer to reality

ThinkFast, LLC, a design firm in Louisville, Kentucky, has come up with a totally useful and unique iPad case that caught my attention. The Sleeve360 has a hand strap on the back with a 360° free-spinning pivot, so if you're using your iPad in such a way that you literally need it constantly at...

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