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SlingPlayer for iPad delivers all kinds of television to Apple's tablet

Sling Media has posted a preview video of their upcoming iPad app, and you can watch it in action right after the break below. It looks pretty darn good -- the app of course allows you to stream everything that comes from your Slingbox DVR device, including live TV, DVR'd content, or any on-demand ...

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Slingplayer Mobile will finally be working on the AT&T 3G network

Well, that took a while. AppleInsider is reporting that AT&T has now agreed to let SlingPlayer for iPhone [US$30, iTunes link] stream over the 3G network. When the app was released last May, there was great moaning that the SlingPlayer Mobile app only worked on a Wi-Fi connection. That was in...

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SlingPlayer for Mac 1.0 with Apple TV support

We've mentioned the SlingPlayer for Mac client several times since it was first publicly revealed back at Macworld and now Sling Media has officially released it after several months in beta. This version includes support for the Apple TV (as we mentioned before) and word on the web is that it is c...

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Sling Media wants to stream to iPhone

We mentioned a while back that Sling Media was working hard to add support for the Apple TV to their Sling Box placeshifting device. Now the company's CEO Blake Krikorian revealed at NAB that the company is courting Apple to allow Sling to offer their client software on the iPhone. This would effect...

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Sling Media working on compatibility with Apple TV

Dave Zatz, an employee at Sling Media, is confirming reports that they're busily bringing compatibility with the Apple TV to their cool Slingbox placeshifting device. The Slingbox connects to your home AV sources (cablebox, Tivo, DVD player, etc.) and your router, and allows you (via the SlingPlayer...

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SlingPlayer for Mac OS X (beta) lands 10/31

We've seen screenshots, and we've even seen it in action, but now Sharon R., in her first corporate blog post for Sling Media, has laid down the law by announcing a Tuesday, October 31st release date (yea, All Hallows' Eve) of their much-anticipated SlingPlayer for Mac OS X public beta. She even wen...

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Screenshots of SlingPlayer for the Mac

We've mentioned that Sling Media, the makers of the TV streaming Slingbox, are planning on a late October/early November release for the OS X version of SlingPlayer. SlingPlayer is the client that allows you to watch TV streamed from the SlingBox on a variety of devices (soon to include Macs running...

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Slingbox beta client coming for Mac OS X

If you're primarily a Mac user, you probably haven't heard much about Slingbox, largely in part because it's never had a Mac OS X client. Slingbox, for those interested, is a device that attaches to your home TV/cable/DVR setup and allows you to stream your TV programming over the internet, typicall...

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