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Selling your Mac? Erase that hard drive

Did you know that Apple, maker of the iPhone, also makes computers? It is true! You might even own one yourself! This tip is for those of you looking to sell your Mac to get an iPhone (or if you're selling it for any other reason in fact). Our friends at Small Dog Electronics have posted some tips o...

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Roadkill MacBook Pro keeps on keepin' on

Vermont-based blacksmith Jim Fecteau uses his 17" MacBook Pro as a business and teaching tool, and he fully intended to have it handy at a smiths' meeting in Rhode Island... however, one teensy problem, he left it on top of his truck as he drove away from home. Oops. After fruitless searching on th...

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Small Dog Electronics speaks out on theft-in-transit, credit card fraud and more

The other day we told you about the guy who had his (then) newly purchased iPod swapped out for a bar or soap while in transit from Small Dog, a Vermont Apple Reseller. I was amazed at how many people mentioned that similar - and worse - things had happened to them so I decided to ask the reseller a...

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