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Spring clean your Mac with smart folders

Call it what you will, but "Spring Cleaning" is just as important on your Mac as it is in real life. From cleaning out old files to organizing music/movies/TV shows that you "threw" into iTunes over the past few months, spring cleaning is a necessary evil. One way to find large files that might ...

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yFlicks: the 'iPhoto for your movies' is 40% off at MacZOT today only

Geeze, those MacZOT guys either have strangely coincidental timing, or I need to consider changing the locks on my house. This is either the second or third time that I discovered and thoroughly enjoyed an app, only to find it go on sale at MacZOT the next day (i.e. - I'm buying a license as I ty...

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Mac 101: Mimic Stacks in Tiger

Here's a simple trick that will let you approximate Leopard's "Stacks" feature in Tiger (without all the cool eye candy, of course). Lifehacker suggests moving your documents folder, a download folder, etc. into the dock. Then right click that folder (or Control-click or simply click and hold...whic...

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43Folders: Using smart folders in Mail

Merlin Mann over at productivity blog 43Folders is taking a look at the Smart Folders feature of Apple's Mail today. His favorites include a folder to hold "flagged" messages, a recently sent folder (within the last two days) and recently viewed (same criteria). The one I thought was clever was a co...

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Found Footage: Organizing Files with Labels and Smart Folders

To be honest I've never really gotten the Finder's colored labels. That is to say, I've never really understood how to use them to good effect. However, this video tutorial from Living With Mac convinced me I need to take another look at the usefulness of labels, particularly when combined with Sma...

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Setting the record straight about Smart Folders

I don't use Mail.app as it just doesn't fit into my workflow. However, if I did use Mail I would most certainly take advantage of the 'Smart Folders' feature to make my life a little easier. Mac Geekery taken it upon themselves to clear up some misconceptions about Smart Folders (focusing mostly on ...

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