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An early look at Siri and HomeKit

At Macworld/iWorld 2014, I made a presentation on the part that Siri could play in the home automation revolution. Some of the key points I made were that iOS 7 and Siri really couldn't do too much at the current time without assistance from third-party tools such as IFTTT, and that Apple would ne...

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The "smart garden" of the future is on the way, thanks to your iPhone

If it seems like everything is connected to your iPhone these days, that's because it is. Well, almost everything. A company called Edyn is ready to connect it to one more thing: your garden. The company has successfully funded its first Kickstarter campaign for the Edyn garden system, a super sma...

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WWDC 2014: HomeKit brings smart home services under one app

You can already use your iOS device to control compatible devices in your home such as the garage door, thermostat and lighting. Currently each of these services are controlled by their own app, each with its own way of doing things from networking to security. Apple thought it could make things a...

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Light up Greenwave Reality's smart bulbs with your iPhone

Here's how it goes: I say, "It feels like we're living in the future," and you all yell, "So where are the jetpacks?" There are plenty of missing pieces from the Jetsons-style view of the future, but at least the smart home -- controllable, reactive, energy-efficient and easy to use -- is on its ...

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