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Apple announces new iPad covers and cases

Apple today made a number of sweeping iPad announcements. Naturally, Apple also took the opportunity to announce new iPad covers and cases. First, Apple announced new iPad Smart Covers made of polyurethane that will be available for both the iPad mini and the iPad Air. Apple's iPad Smart Covers w...

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WaterField Designs: Protecting your 15" Retina display MacBook Pro with panache

As an admitted computer bag fanatic, I have a special affinity for the creations of WaterField Designs in San Francisco. I personally use one of their bags (the Travel Express) to carry either my MacBook Air, two iPads, or the MBA and an iPad. That bag has gone through a lot in the last three y...

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Nexus 7's Smart Cover-like magnetic sensors

Google's Nexus 7 tablet appears to have a feature that isn't showing up in any of the official specs. Over on YouTube, user wwscoggin showed off an experiment in which he used a magnet to discover a sensor that puts the display to sleep. Does this sound familiar? Yes, it's a function that has b...

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BiKN will turn your iPhone into a homing device

There's an interesting hardware software product coming from Treehouse Labs next year that is a kind of reversal on the Find my iPhone service. It's called BiKN, pronounced like "beacon," and it allows you to use small hardware tags that hook to keys, cameras, pets or even people so you can locat...

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iPad 2 Smart Cover-compatible cases: our roundup (Updated)

Apple's Smart Cover is a great, versatile screen cover for your iPad 2. It allows you to stand your tablet up, prop it up for typing in landscape and more; it even turns the iPad off automatically when you close it. But it leaves the back of the iPad 2 exposed, and as beautiful as it is, that m...

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CES Watch: Apple accessories from the show floor

CES 2010 is in full swing in Las Vegas, and while we aren't there, we have been able to scour the webs and bring you the latest, the greatest, and the weirdest new Apple-related peripherals and accessories from the show floor. Griffin has announced a few new devices, including a Display Converte...

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