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Iowa developing iPhone-based driver's licenses

Iowa is developing the first smartphone-based driver's license that would work on iOS and Android devices, reports the Wall Street Journal. Under this system, drivers would be able to open a specialized smartphone app that would display their operator's license to authorities and other necessary p...

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iPhone 6 Plus accounted for 41% of Q4 U.S. "phablet" sales in one month

Apple has been struggling to keep up with demand for the iPhone 6 Plus ever since it was released on September 19. While that demand might be frustrating for users waiting to get their devices, it's proven to be very good news for Apple's sales. How good? According to a new report from Kantar World...

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Internal Apple slide: "Consumers want what we don't have"

Re/Code was recently able to obtain a few slides from an April 2013 Apple presentation that Samsung presented into evidence last week. The slides show that Apple's sales team was well aware that smartphone growth had begun trending towards cheaper sub-$300 devices and larger screened devices. The...

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Starwood Hotels & Resorts explores replacing room keys with iPhones and Android devices

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that Starwood Hotels & Resorts (which owns hotel brands like Sheraton and Westin) is rolling out a new pilot program that will allow guests to bypass the check-in desk altogether and head straight to their rooms, using their smartphone as an e...

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T-Mobile CEO uses his iPhone to tweet praise for Galaxy Note 3

When you're the CEO of a major wireless carrier you need to make sure you show no bias towards one manufacturer over another. That must be why T-Mobile boss John Legere used his iPhone to tweet about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 earlier today. So just what would Legere do without his Note 3? Well, pr...

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How to decide if you need a new smartphone

With a new iPhone looming on the horizon, it might be time to take stock as to whether you really need to buy a new one. Just last week, I had a conversation as to whether it was time to replace my iPhone 4, and the first question asked of me was, does my phone work and do everything I need it to ...

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iPhone popular among first-time smartphone buyers

Believe it or not, many new iPhone owners are not customers switching from Android, but customers who have never owned a smartphone. These first-time smartphone buyers are choosing the iPhone, especially older models, at an increasing rate, says a report in GigaOM. According to data from Kantar W...

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MIT makes a smartphone-controlled bartender

We've seen beer-pouring robots before, but MIT has recently put together a smartphone-controlled robot bartender, with three robot arms that can pour and mix up to 100 different alcoholic and non-alcoholic flavors. The Makr Shakr lets you order up a drink directly from your iPhone, and then it w...

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NY State attorney general asks smartphone manufacturers to help combat theft

Smartphone thefts are running rampant -- especially in New York City -- so much that the practice of grabbing the expensive phones is being referred to as "Apple picking." Bloomberg announced yesterday that New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has sent letters to executives at Appl...

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A glimpse of the future: 5G wireless technology in the labs now

Over the past few years, 4G LTE wireless networks that can handle download and upload speeds of up to 75 megabits per second (Mbps) have become increasingly more commonplace. Still, it takes a long time to download movies, and streaming video can be a challenge on today's handsets. Yonhap News rep...

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New Kevo lock uses your iPhone for keyless entry

Kwikset has made a new lock it's calling Kevo that makes use of your iPhone to lose your keys for good. The idea on this one seems great, and apparently the company picked up some money from a pitch on the Shark Tank TV show. The lock has both standard key-based and wireless mechanisms, so inste...

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Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Tactics S, coming soon to iOS

Square Enix has launched a Japanese site for an upcoming mobile game called Final Fantasy Tactics S, and it sounds intriguing. Final Fantasy Tactics, of course, is the excellent tactical strategy game based on Square's old Final Fantasy series, which arrived on iOS a little while ago. The "S" v...

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Apple starts iPhone payment plans, makes retail deals to grow India's smartphone market

China is no longer an emerging market at this point. It's now the top market in the world for smartphones, and Apple has worked hard to get a foothold in early. So now that China is covered, where's Apple headed to next? India seems to be the answer, as Apple has slashed prices and implemented ...

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Qualcomm tried to get Apple to put a radio in the Newton

Steve Jobs will be forever known for his moving introduction of Apple's first phone in 2007, but history may have been different had Apple worked more closely with Qualcomm in the '90s. According to a report in Venture Beat, Qualcomm courted Apple and tried to get the company to put a cellular ra...

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HTC exec lauds licensing agreement with Apple

Ray Yam is the president of HTC China, and he recently said in an interview with the Economic Observer of China that the company's recent licensing agreement with Apple will "pay off" sometime this new year in 2013. HTC and Apple, you may remember, finally settled a longtime patent disagreement...

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