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SmartPush iPhone app dead, reminds us apps are not forever

SmartPush was a neat iPhone app from a small startup, Syphir, which allowed the configuration of clever filters for Gmail push notifications. For example, the user could configure rules like "always send me a push notification for all emails from my wife," "don't send notifications between 11 PM and...

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Syphir gives you more Gmail filtering options

Syphir first attracted my attention when they announced that they were using OAuth for Gmail (meaning that you did not have to provide your login information to Syphir in order to use it). They have a $3 iPhone app that receives push notifications, but it will work without the app or even if you --...

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Gmail enables OAuth, Syphir for iPhone already using it

Google has introduced OAuth authorization for Gmail, meaning that approved applications can access your Gmail account without you giving them access to your Gmail username and password. OAuth has been used as Flickr and Twitter for some time, but is a new development for Google. Previously, if...

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