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PDFpen 6 released with special limited time pricing

Smile Software has released PDFpen and PDFpen Pro version 6.0 for the Mac. The popular app lets you edit PDF documents by adding signatures, correcting text, ticking boxes and a lot more. It's a powerful piece of software. The new version adds the following goodies, among others: Microsoft...

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Sandboxing keeps TextExpander 4 out of the Mac App Store

Smile released TextExpander 4 today, with a whole slew of new features. But don't zip over to the Mac App Store to find it -- the company is one of the first and most notable to remove an app from the Mac App Store as it can't be sandboxed. Sandboxing is required for Mountain Lion apps that w...

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SmileOnMyMac is now Smile

Going forward, the artists formerly known as SmileOnMyMac will now just be known as Smile. The name change reflects the company's more diversified software offerings outside of the Mac, which now include an iOS version of its popular app TextExpander on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In addition ...

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AutoSmiley uses the iSight to turn your face into an emoticon

This one's a little silly but I still really like it -- AutoSmiley is a public domain app that runs in the background while you work, quietly monitoring your iSight's camera input. Whenever it detects a smiling face on the camera (so any time you smile while working), it will send a ":)" emoticon t...

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