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Eye-Fi and SmugMug team up for geotagging

The Eye-Fi card is an SD card with a difference -- it has Wi-Fi built into it for easy camera-to-internet transfer of photos. It comes in three different flavors; Eye-Fi Home, Eye-Fi Share, and Eye-Fi Explore. The latter card (US$129) includes free Wi-Fi access at Wayport hotspots, unlimited geotagg...

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ImageWell receives big update

I'm a huge fan of ImageWell. In fact, I've used it to edit nearly every image I've posted to TUAW. If you're unfamiliar, it's a quick-and-dirty image editor that's perfect when Photoshop would be overkill. Crop or resize your image, add a watermark or upload to your server easily. Today, version 3.2...

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