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Federal Trade Commission is reviewing Apple's in-app purchase system

The FTC is reviewing Apple's in-app purchasing policy after reports of inadvertent purchases by children have continued to surface. FTC Chairperson Jon Leibowitz agreed to look closely at the matter after Representative Ed Markey of Massachusetts brought the matter to his attention. Leibowitz...

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Well, that's just Smurfy! Apple reportedly talks to Capcom about Smurfs' Village

We reported last week on how a kid playing with the Smurfs' Village iOS app racked up hundreds of dollars in charges, prompting a variety of responses regarding how Apple and parents should treat such apps. Now PocketGamer.biz is reporting that Apple has taken game publisher Capcom to task for ma...

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Smurf it all to smurf! In-app purchases ring up $1,400 in charges

It's not exactly a new thing, but the Washington Post reported on the latest episode of a child spending hundreds -- actually $1,400 -- on in-app purchases. In this case, the 8-year-old was buying Smurfberries to decorate the Smurfs' Village app. You can spend up to $99.99 for a single in-app purch...

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