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Hands on with NimbleBit's next title, Nimble Quest

I am a huge fan, as you may already know, of the two brothers behind NimbleBit and all of their work, from the earlier titles like Scoops and DizzyPad to the much larger freemium hits they've had like Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes. The last time I talked to either of the Marsh brothers in person...

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Daily Mac App: Screen Snake

Remember the old cellphone game Snake? It's been around longer than I've been alive, but became a hit once it became standard on Nokia cellphones. I have fond memories of standing in cold registration lines in college and playing the game as I waited to sign up for classes. Screen Snake is a fre...

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Top Terminal easter eggs

Yeah, the headline makes it sound like the eggs are on their deathbed. But no, easter eggs (in software jargon) are little presents or surprises that developers have slipped into an application or operating system. One excellent place to find easter eggs in Mac OS X is in the Terminal. Now techni...

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