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Snapchat competitor Puffchat is incredibly insecure, founder threatens legal action

Puffchat, a timed text and photo messaging client in the vein of Snapchat, is broken. So broken in fact that I, with very little knowledge in the way of HTTP sniffing, was able to access supposedly deleted photos and messages using a free-to-download security testing application. Yeah, it's that...

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Poke: The Facebook app that never really had a chance

Yesterday was Facebook's 10th anniversary and the social network's presence on Apple's mobile devices is huge. The official Facebook app and Facebook Messenger are the two must-have apps from the company, with the newly released Paper showing promise as well. Then you have the Facebook Pages...

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Snapchat has given certain user messages to law enforcement agencies

Snapchat originally rose to popularity thanks to the false sense of security its timed photos provided. It wasn't long before intrepid code monkeys discovered that the app was actually storing photos it claimed to have deleted. That rather blatant oversight has since been corrected, but today the...

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Snapchat introduces 'Stories' picture feeds that last 24 hours

Snapchat has announced the next evolution of its self-destructing picture service. In a blog post, the company described a new "Stories" feature. Stories pumps Snapchat up into a full-fledged social network by creating a picture feed for each user. Any snaps posted to your picture feed will be...

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Blink brings text and group chat to the ephemeral messaging world

The success of Snapchat has shown that users like ephemeral messaging, the ability to send a single-use picture message to a friend which deletes itself seconds after being seen. But Snapchat only lets you send pictures. Enter Blink. Blink is the latest app to tackle the "this message will...

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Snapchat users share 150 million photos daily

Speaking at the All Things D: Dive into Mobile conference in New York City today, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel revealed that the popular photo-sharing app is much more popular than anyone may have imagined. Specifically, Spiegel noted that Snapchat users send over 150 million photos through the...

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Facebook's Poke app becomes unpopular in a hurry

If Facebook thought its Poke app would quickly dominate the timed messaging scene and make Snapchat a thing of the past, its plan appears to be off to a rocky start. As Mashable reports, after debuting in the No. 1 slot on the iOS free apps list, Poke has experienced a precipitous drop in...

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