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Daily iPhone App: Metal Slug X is a faithful, though flawed recreation

SNK's slowly been releasing all of its great old Metal Slug games from the Neo Geo library, and just recently, it worked its way up to Metal Slug X, which I think is the fourth iteration of the series? It's hard to keep track -- there's like 20 of them out there in history. At any rate, if yo...

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Deepworld, You Don't Know Jack, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and more available now

We're deep in the holiday season at this point, and right now that means dozens (if not more) of game developers out there are getting their best and brightest titles out onto the App Store, making sure they're all ready to download when the Christmas rush rolls around. Here's a look at some of...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: The King of Fighters-i 002

SNK's famous King of Fighters series has finally come to iOS with this new app for the iPhone, allowing you to play with 13 different fighters across four singleplayer modes and Bluetooth multiplayer. The setup is very similar to Capcom's Street Fighter, with virtual buttons on the touchscreen,...

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