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SNL skewers iPhone 5 complaints

If you caught last night's Saturday Night Live with guest host Christina Applegate, you may have seen this 5 minute sketch featuring three tech bloggers kvetching about the various perceived shortcomings of the iPhone 5. Their criticisms (Maps, purple haze, back panel scratching, "too thin and ...

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SNL: Google phone to challenge iPhone by "making calls"

Saturday Night Live's 'Weekend Update' with Seth Meyers joined the fray of people who were sick of AT&T's poor network reception: "It was reported this week that Google would soon launch its own cellphone as a challenge to the iPhone. Also a challenge to the iPhone? Making phone calls." Whil...

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More Cowbell

Christopher Walken's 'More Cowbell' skit for SNL holds a special place in my heart. So I literally squealed out loud when I saw More Cowbell in the App Store. Certainly not filed under Productivity, the application presents you with a large cowbell, while the voice of Bruce Dickinson -- yes, the Br...

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Apple Pro covers SNL Season 1 and Broadway Video

Apple's Pro ezine has posted a nice piece by Joe Cellini on the production of Saturday Night Live: The Complete First Season (available on DVD and in iTS) by Broadway Video. The definitive DVD set includes the original 24 "Not Ready For Prime Time Players" episodes from way back in 1975. Why the lon...

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Found Video: "Steve Jobs" and iPhone on SNL

"Steve Jobs" appeared on Saturday Night Live last night to talk about the iPhone and it's even better than we thought. Apparently it holds 2 billion, with a 'b,' songs! And it even has an on/off button and a clock! Oh, yeah, and don't forget to download The Office in iTunes. Thanks Travis!...

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Found Footage: SNL - Post-It-Notes

It's always nice to see Apple parodies, especially when they: a) have nothing to do with an existing product, or specifically: the iPod, and b) are from the mid-90's. This is a decent SNL spoof that quickly rose up the digg ranks yesterday evening, parodying a fictitious Apple product that's a bit ...

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Variety of Saturday Night Live video available on iTunes

The iTunes Music Store was just refreshed with a number of new items including some Saturday Night Live content. A few sketch collections by year are available as well as a number of Best of's including Christopher Walken, Adam Sandler, and Glida Radner to name a few. The Best of's will set you back...

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Free SNL video available on iTunes

iTunes and NBC have made available, for free download, a digital short that appeared on last weekend's Saturday Night Live. Called 'Lazy Sunday,' it is a rap video starring Adam Samberg and Chris Parnell as they rap their way to a screening of the 'Chronicles of Narnia,' and in the process eat a bun...

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iPod Invisa for sale on Ebay

Hey, the Steve Jobs skit that recently aired on SNL is finally funny! The all-new, ultra tiny iPod Invisa is for sale on Ebay. It measures 0.000000mm x 0.000000mm x 0.000000mm, weighs 0.000000oz (shipping weight 0.000001 oz), holds 8 million songs as well as every photo ever taken! Here it is pictur...

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